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My Credit Score is a free Web Branch feature that provides you reliable and secure access to your credit score. Your credit score is an important part of your personal financial picture and can be a significant factor in your financial well-being. Today, credit scores are often referenced by lenders, insurance companies and sometimes even prospective employers. Yet getting reliable, free and secure access to personal credit scores has traditionally been inconvenient for most consumers. That’s why UW Credit Union offers all of our members free access through My Credit Score.

My Credit Score is a free online tool which enables you to track changes in your credit score securely and conveniently on a monthly basis, as well as view a customized in-depth analysis of your credit picture. My Credit Score is available to UW Credit Union members through our partnership with Credit Karma, a leading provider of consumer credit score services. When you register and login to the My Credit Score site you can regularly access all these benefits.

My Score

Access your credit score free of charge and track your credit over time. Compare your score against all US consumers and see how lenders view your creditworthiness.

Credit Report Card

View a simple, straightforward snapshot of your credit report. The information provided will help you better understand the key components impacting your credit score.

Credit Compare

See how your credit score compares to other consumers in your state.

Credit Simulator

This simulation tool allows you to plan ahead to see how financial decisions, like applying for a loan or closing a credit line, may impact your credit score.


Example Credit Score Report

The presentation of your credit score is for educational purposes. Please understand that scores can vary a bit due to differences in the credit scoring formulas used by various lenders. There are thousands of distinct credit scoring formulas used by creditors, lenders and insurers to evaluate your creditworthiness. These scores may evaluate your credit report differently in order to match the company's specific lending guidelines. Consumer credit scores that you can purchase online use formulas that approximate the most common credit scoring algorithm. Don't be surprised if your credit score from a creditor or lender is slightly different than the credit scores that you checked online.



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