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Money Link Transfers Money Electronically

Money Link is a free service that allows anyone to transfer money electronically to a UW Credit Union member—from any financial institution in the United States. It's free, easy, convenient and secure.

  • Members can transfer money from their UW Credit Union account directly into another member's UW Credit Union account, and the money is immediately available.
  • Non-Members can transfer money from any financial institution in the U.S. Funds take about 4 business days to arrive.

Popular Uses

  • Parents: Make arrangements to send money directly to your student's UW Credit Union account. Use Money Link for a one-time transfer, or set up a recurring transfer—like at the beginning of each semester.
  • Students: Invite your parents to send money to your account when you need it—for tuition, books or other expenses.
  • Everyone: Set up a Money Link to repay a friend for buying lunch or to pay back money you owe. Use it instead of writing checks.

How do I start using Money Link?

To start using Money Link, UW Credit Union members can log in to Web Branch and visit Money Link in the Transfers & Payments section.



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