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Money Management Tools

Money Management Tools gives you additional ways to save and budget in today's economic climate. It lets you categorize your transactions and view reports to help you get a better picture of how you are spending your money. You'll also be able to complete in-depth searches and see your history over an extended period of time.

Categories, Notes & Labels
Sample History Transactions
Categories—Understand your spending habits by assigning or automatically assigning categories to transactions such as home, bills and utilities, income and more. Video
Notes—Add personalized messages to your transactions. Video
Labels—Create another layer of information for your transactions. Track spending for different members of your family, an event or anything you have in mind. Video
Sample Pie Chart
Search your transaction history.
Advanced Searches
Search your history by any field such as category, label, description, date and dollar amount. Video
Pending Items
Get a better picture of your account balance now and into the future—a virtual check register. See upcoming transfers and Web Payments in your Account History. Enter pending checks, income and expenses, too.
Transaction-based Alerts
Know when a particular check clears, when a deposit over a certain amount occurs, when a transaction posts from a certain store, etc. Video
See where you are spending your money with bar and pie chart reports that are generated from the categories you
create—a great budgeting tool. Video


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