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Company Overview

UW Credit Union is a growing, federally insured financial institution committed to the financial well-being of the customers we serve. We were founded in 1931 on the University of Wisconsin campus by people who believed that the not-for-profit cooperative business model would best serve the needs of their community. Our continued growth, financial strength and market leading customer satisfaction scores have proven our founding members right.

We take in account deposits from members who are in a position to save, and loan money to other members needing affordable credit. With no stockholders, any potential profits are used to maintain fair interest rates and keep account fees low. Throughout UW Credit Union's history, our products, services, network of branch offices and technology systems have expanded in response to member needs. We've grown steadily as we have continued to focus on fairness and consistency in meeting the financial needs of our more than 224,000 members.

Our assets today total $2.3 billion, placing us among the largest credit unions in Wisconsin. We believe this exceptional growth has been achieved by continually giving members more value and staying true to the vision of our founders who believed a financial institution owned by its customers would act in the best interests of its customers. At UW Credit Union, we remain committed to our cooperative mission and know our future success is secure as long as we pursue the simplicity and focus represented by the credit union's guiding principle – Your best interest always comes first.

Our Services

We provide an array of consumer financial services including educational loans, mortgages, consumer loans, checking, savings and investment products, small business services, credit and debit cards, financial education, and more. Our electronic services—Web Branch, Web Pay, Money Link, Mobile Banking, Text Banking, access to your credit score for free, direct deposit and ATMs—help members manage their finances wherever they are. Our highly skilled financial specialists listen to your needs and put together a customized package of services for you. We design our product offerings so that people of all levels of financial capacity receive a fair value and great service from us. That's why the majority of our members embrace us as their primary, and in many cases, their only financial service provider.


With 24 full-service branches in Wisconsin, we provide on-site financial services to members in the campus communities of Madison, Milwaukee, Whitewater, Green Bay, Oshkosh and Stevens Point. We operate more than 100 surcharge-free ATMs in Wisconsin, and belong to the Alliance One ATM network with thousands of surcharge-free ATMs throughout the country. With online banking through Web Branch, which includes tools like text and mobile banking, we serve members all over the world, 24 hours a day.

Serving the Community

UW Credit Union maintains a meaningful commitment to the communities we serve. Our services are designed to help people at all levels of financial capacity access the products and services they need to make their lives better. We provide financial education and college scholarships, donate to community charitable organizations, and sponsor local events. We foster an environment where employees and members are encouraged to join in support of community initiatives.

Our business practices support our collective interest in helping people in our communities succeed, like our pledge to pay no less than $15 per hour by September 1, 2017. Our leadership in educational lending, affordable home financing options and investment in financial literacy education is helping build strong Wisconsin communities. We are the first source of credit for many young adults and work to ensure their long-term success through our responsible lending practices.

Reflecting the values of the people we serve and with support of our members, UW Credit Union has created endowment funds for needs-based scholarships that exceed $1.5 million. The earnings from these funds assist dozens of students each year as they pursue higher education on Wisconsin campuses.

Lifetime Membership and Value

More than 10,000 consumers open new account relationships with us annually, and we'd be pleased to serve you too. You're eligible to open accounts with UW Credit Union if you are among the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the University of Wisconsin System, including all 26 campuses, the University Extension, or any Wisconsin resident enrolled or has attended any higher education institution, and UW Health—as well as their immediate family and households. Madison College students, faculty, staff and alumni are also welcome. In addition, any members of the community that live, work or attend school within 5 miles of a branch, or businesses and organizations located in those locations, may open accounts with us.

Stay with UW Credit Union for all your financial needs, wherever you go in life. Whether you're graduating, changing jobs or leaving the area — your account relationship provides value for you and your family throughout your lifetime.



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