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Browser Requirements

The Web browser you use plays a key role in how quickly and securely you're able to view pages on the Web.

Below is a summary of our test results on your browser. If all the requirements are met, your browser is compatible with Web Branch and UW Credit Union's Web sites. If not, this will determine whether you need to upgrade your browser or change settings within your current browser to continue navigating on or within Web Branch. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.

Your browser might not be a supported browser.

Please review the list of supported browsers below.

For our sites to work properly, JavaScript and cookies must be enabled.

Requirement Your Browser
Javascript Enabled DISABLED
Cookies Enabled UNKNOWN

Supported Browsers

Upgrade Your Browser
We recommend using the latest version of your chosen browser. Updates typically include new features, security fixes and other enhancements.
Firefox (Windows/Mac/Linux)
Safari (Mac)
Google Chrome (Windows)

UW Credit Union is continually reviewing the various browsers and testing their performance on our site. As a result of this testing, we've compiled a list of UW Credit Union-supported browsers.

Supported Browsers
Platform Browsers
Windows Google Chrome (Latest), Firefox (Latest),
Microsoft Edge (Latest), Internet Explorer 11
Macintosh Chrome (Latest), Safari (Latest), Firefox (Latest)
Linux Chrome (Latest), Firefox (Latest)

* Our Web sites may work on operating systems and browsers that are not supported, but UW Credit Union does not actively test our sites using these configuration and can neither (1) guarantee that all aspects of the site will have the intended functionality and presentation characteristics nor (2) make amendments to our sites to support such configurations.



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