Environmental Sustainability

Doing good is at UW Credit Union’s core — we strive to do what’s best and right for our members, for our community and for our planet. That means purchasing green power. It means improving energy efficiency. It means enacting innovative policies that engage members and employees in our efforts to have a positive impact on the environment.

UW Credit Union has been recognized nationally as a leader in environmental sustainability, and our commitment to the environment encompasses every aspect of our organization. 

Young woman volunteering with a group of other individuals working outside in support of our environment

Our Initiatives

Energy Efficiency

We follow LEED certification guidelines for all new construction and remodeling projects. We’ve installed motion detector lights, high-efficiency boilers, pumps and chillers, use low VOC paints and much more. We also have a company-wide initiative to reduce electricity usage in the summer months.

Renewable Power

We purchase an equivalent of 100 percent of community branch network electricity from renewable resources, such as wind power generated regionally in the Midwest. We’ve been an EPA Green Power Partner since 2011 and achieved the EPA Green Power Leadership Club designation in 2013, becoming the first credit union in the nation and the eighth Wisconsin company to reach this distinction.

Water Reduction

All new and remodeled buildings redirect water runoff from roofs and parking lots to bio-retention basins and subterranean infiltration beds, reducing the need for irrigation.

Saving Trees

We have significantly reduced our paper consumption by converting paper forms and records to electronic versions, including account statements and mortgage documents.

Recycling Materials

In addition to our comprehensive recycling program, we recycle or donate all of our unneeded office furniture, cabinetry, desks, lighting and more.

Sustainable Investments

Our assets are used to meet member credit needs for a home purchase, educational financing, making home improvements and other requests. Any funds not loaned out to members are held in an investment portfolio consisting primarily of securities guaranteed by the U.S. Government and their agencies. Given the nature of our business, we do not directly make loans or participate in multi-institutional lending transactions providing credit for the extraction or holding of fossil fuel assets, and our investment portfolio also does not include the securities of companies involved in these business lines.

Green Transportation

To reduce the number of cars on the road, we encourage our staff to bicycle, carpool or take public transportation to work. We provide free bus passes to employees and have partnered with Madison BCycle to give employees free access to the program and a discounted rate for members. Our investment in the latest technology also helps all of our members save on car trips to ATMs and our branches.

The Green Team

We’re always striving to do better, and this group of dedicated UW Credit Union employees identifies and implements projects and promotes sustainability topics to staff. We celebrate Earth Month annually, as well as hold a company-wide alternative transportation awareness event.

Green Masters Program

UW Credit Union is proudly recognized by the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s Green Masters Program as a leader in environmental sustainability and business innovation.