Say Hello 

To the New Face of UW Credit Union


Our logo has changed, but not our commitment to you.

Welcome to the brand-new look of UW Credit Union!

Our fresh new appearance opens the next exciting chapter in the UW Credit Union story, celebrating our unwavering commitment to our members and the communities we serve.

Crisp, strong and confident, UW Credit Union’s new look reflects our modern services, technology and sophistication, while honoring our history and strong ties to UW campuses.

Introducing the new logo for UWCU

And, our new tagline, “Here For Every You.” further reinforces our caring support for members at every step of their life’s journey. From high schoolers to empty nesters and everyone in between, we’re dedicated to financially empowering you.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the circle and square from our old logo haven’t disappeared. They’ve merged to become one leaf-shaped icon.

Evolution of UW Credit Union logo

They are working together to build something stronger. Sound familiar?

New Look, Same Commitment to You

Now that you’re getting to know our new look a little better, here’s what our refreshed brand means for our members and the communities we support.

  • UW Credit Union’s website, Web Branch, best-in-class app, member communications, and advertising look different now.
  • Even though we have a great new look, we’ll keep delivering smart products and caring, uncomplicated service.
  • We’re never going to change our members-first philosophy and practices.
  • We’ll remain as dedicated as ever to the communities we serve.
  • UW Credit Union is extremely proud of its historical affiliation with the University of Wisconsin, which continues to be represented in our values and our name.

“As we work together to invest in our future, our updated brand will propel us to the next level—helping us stand out in our communities and connect with a new generation of members.”

- Paul Kundert, President & CEO

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Change is good. But it also can prompt some really thoughtful questions, and maybe even a few concerns, too. We understand. Here are some insights to help you better understand the path ahead.

Why did UW Credit Union decide to change its logo and brand appearance?
As organizations grow and mature, their brand identities also evolve to keep pace with their progress, laying the foundation for new successes in the future. This holds true for UW Credit Union. We seized the opportunity to create a more contemporary icon that sets us apart, having surveyed hundreds of members, employees and prospective members for input. The result is a fresh look that better reflects who we are and where we’re headed.

Is anything else changing besides UW Credit Union’s logo and look?
Rest assured, while our logo has changed, our unwavering commitment to members, communities and our UW campus partners is stronger than ever.

How will the new look be phased in?
The logo will not be replaced everywhere immediately (although we wish we could make that happen!). Our website, Web Branch, and Mobile App already have the new look. You’ll start seeing our refreshed brand in ads and billboards in the near future, and in time our branches will be getting new signs, too.

When will members receive credit/debit cards with the new logo?
We’ll begin issuing newly branded credit/debit cards later this year. However, we won’t send out updated credit/debit cards until members’ current cards are about to expire.

I was forced to upgrade the app and my “old” phone version doesn't support it. How do I access my account now?
Access your account on a web browser by logging in to

We’re Here for Every You

With each exciting new phase in your life, we’ll support you, so you’ll be financially empowered to achieve your lifetime goals. We’re here for every you.