Express Credit Check-up

Customized for Each Employee

Help your employees gain a better understanding of their finances with an Express Credit Check-up.

During this confidential, no-cost, 30-minute appointment, a UW Credit Union financial specialist meets one-on-one with an employee to review their credit report. Every Express Credit Check-up is tailored specifically to the individual’s needs – from understanding their credit score to exploring opportunities to save money.

Our financial experts can help employees:

  • Learn how to improve and maintain a good credit score
  • Find ways to save time and money
  • Build confidence in their finances
UW Credit Union employee talks with client about her credit.

Host an Event

To schedule an Express Credit Check-up at your workplace, email or complete this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is UW Credit Union?

UW Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution. We offer similar products to banks, but we’re different because we’re not-for-profit. That means we work for our members and pass savings on through fair interest rates and low fees, and we give back to the communities we serve through efforts that support financial literacy, the campus community and quality of life.

Who Can Sign Up?

If your organization hosts an Express Credit Check-up event, any of your employees can sign up for an appointment. There is no pressure or obligation to become a UW Credit Union member.

Should Employees Prep for Their Check-up?

Here’s what your employees can do to prepare for their Express Credit Check-up:

  • Bring an ID, such as a driver’s license, state issued ID or passport.
  • Decide if they’d like us to retrieve their credit score. This is highly recommended because it helps provide the best overall view of an individual’s finances.
  • Brainstorm any questions they have about their finances, credit score, etc.