New Ways to Protect Your Card

Keeping your account information safe is our top priority. Over the next few months, we will roll out new ways for you to protect and manage your credit and/or debit card.

Mobile Travel Verification

Let our Mobile App help confirm your debit and/or credit card transactions when you travel. Mobile Travel Verification uses location updates sent by your mobile device to identify legitimate purchases made outside your normal spending areas.

By matching the location of your phone with your card transactions, Mobile Travel Verification reduces the likelihood that your card will be mistakenly declined.

Watch this short animation from Visa on how the service works.

Mobile Travel Verification

* Visa references this service as Mobile Location Confirmation


How can I sign up for Mobile Travel Verification?

If you don't have our app yet, find us in the App Store or Google Play.

  1. In the App, go to Settings.
  2. Select Mobile Travel Verification.
  3. Turn on.

How do I enroll or opt out of Mobile Travel Verification?

After the initial enrollment offer in the App, you can turn Mobile Travel Verification on or off anytime.

  1. In theĀ App, go to Settings.
  2. Select Mobile Travel Verification.
  3. Turn on or off, based on your preference.

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