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A parent teaching their child about finances

Tips for Teaching Kids About Money

It’s never too early to teach kids the basics about money! We’ve got tips and activities to help your kids understand spending, saving, investing and more.

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Mother and son exercising in their Wisconsin home.

5 Ways to Get Fit—and Save Money—at Home

Exercising at home can help you achieve both fitness goals and financial goals.

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College students studying and laughing together.

Top Financial Tips for College Students (and Parents!)

Get ready to make the college years a success by organizing your finances and establishing goals.

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A man stays ahead of scammers by checking his security details on the UWCU mobile app.

Protect Your Money

These simple steps will keep you ahead of scammers.

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A man sits on the floor and works on his budget spreadsheet.

Budgeting During Inflation

Pinching pennies is easier than you think with the right resources.

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A woman reads an article on Banzai, an educational resource designed to support financial literacy.

Personal Finance for YOU with Banzai

Learn more about Banzai, an educational resource designed to support you in becoming financially literate and empowered.

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A man using his calculator to understand how inflation will impact his budget.

Understanding Inflation

We're offering a breakdown to help you understand inflation: what it is, why it happens, and how it might impact you.

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Woman cleans leaves out of a gutter to prepare her home for winter.

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

If you live any place that has cold winter months, you’ll want to remember these money-saving tips.

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Man uses a calculator and looks at graphs.

20 Easy Ways to Save

Want to reach your money goals sooner? Try these ideas to help you spend less and save more.

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