College Student’s Guide to Financial Success

Here’s how to financially plan for college and beyond.

Planning Like a Pro for College

Follow these simple tips, so you can take charge of your college finances.

  • List your monthly income sources and savings, as well as allowances from your parents or guardians.
  • Track your expenses (books, supplies, food, etc.).
  • Balance your income and expenses. Set aside money for savings, too.
  • Start an emergency fund that’s separate from your daily debit account; consider using monthly automatic fund transfers into this separate account. That way, you’ll have a safety net that can help if the unexpected happens.

Smart Tip: UW Credit Union’s Web Branch offers convenient Money Management Tools, with features like Categories, Notes and Labels, and more.

Getting an Account That’s a Good Fit

Low Fees, Free Checking and Online Options Are Key

Developing Smart Money Habits

Live Comfortably and Keep Your Finances Under Control with These Strategies

Explore Your Income Options

Offset College Costs with a Mix of Income Sources

Be Credit Card-Savvy

Getting a Credit Card Is an Important First Step Toward Building Credit

Building Healthy Credit

Building Good Credit While You’re in College Can Positively Impact Your Life in Many Ways!

Avoiding Common Fraud and Scams

Gain the Confidence and Knowledge to Avoid Scams

Planning for Student Loan Payments

Get Ahead of the Game by Starting While You're Still In School

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