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Learning about money and feeling confident about financial decisions go hand in hand. We’re here to help you do both, and college is a great time to start the process.

Start by exploring the tools below, and then check out our Resource Library. Every step you take can build your knowledge—and your financial health. Have a question along the way? Visit our Money Questions page.

Money by the Minute

You don’t have to spend a ton of time growing your financial knowledge. Our Money by the Minute videos can take your knowledge to the next level in a matter of seconds. 

Meet Erin

UW Credit Union has its own financial educator, Erin. She’s the host of these videos, and helping students is her job.

Erin believes that financial knowledge can transform students’ lives, providing security and opportunities. She has received the Wisconsin Governor’s Award for Financial Literacy twice, and she’s currently pursuing a doctorate in education.

Money by the Minute with Erin Bykowski at UW Credit Union - 5-Minute Budget

Budgeting in 5 Minutes

What’s a budget? What should it include? Do you really need one in college? Find the answers in less time than it takes to find your friends at the union.

Money by the Minute with Erin Bykowski - 4-Minute Credit Video

Credit in 4 Minutes

What does “credit” mean? How do you get it, and when might you need it? Erin explains it faster than anyone has ever finished a group project.

Money by the Minute with Erin Bykowski 3-Minute Security video.

Security in 3 Minutes

What should you do if someone gets into your bank account? Better yet, how can you prevent that from happening? Erin covers the basics in less time than it takes to sing your school’s fight song.

Money by the Minute with Erin Bykowski 2-Minute Credit Union video.

Credit Unions in 2 Minutes

What are credit unions? How are they different from banks? Are they a good choice for students? Find out in less time than it takes to cook a cup of ramen noodles.

College Life Hacks

There’s a lot to stay on top of in college, from classes to bills to social events. These free tools can help:

Want details? Visit our mobile banking page.


Resource Center

We have all sorts of tips and tools to help you save money—and understand it. Begin with these:

The Financial Tools You Need 

Our Campus Package is designed for your life as a student. Build credit and avoid fees by mixing and matching tools like these:

  • Free savings account
  • Credit card with no annual fee
  • Mobile deposit and bill pay
  • Zelle® to send and receive money fast

Just open a checking account to get started! 

Open Account


Student Story: Build Credit Now, Benefit Later

“When I signed up for UW Credit Union’s Campus Package, I didn’t realize how much it would help me build my credit. Having a strong credit score after graduation helped me buy my first car at a great interest rate and without a cosigner.”

—Ria, UW-Madison

Find more advice from students on our Money Questions page.


Paying for College

If paying for your degree is on your mind, you’re in good company. Learn about your options and discover which ones are the best fit for you:

Mark Your Calendar

If you’re applying for federal financial aid (a smart choice!), make a note of these dates: