Qualifying  Services

The services below count as Qualifying Services. You will automatically receive two services when you open your account - a savings account which establishes your membership and your checking account. Discover how easy it is to get a free account by adding a minimum of two more services.

Get Your Free Account

 STEP 1: Start with two services when you become a member.

  • Savings
  • Checking 

STEP 2: Add some basic account services. 

  • Free Debit Card(comes with your checking account)
  • Paperless Statements**
  • Direct Deposit2
  • You now qualify for a free Access or Value Account. 

Open an Account

Optional: Want to earn more account benefits - open a Premium Account.

Add any combination of deposit and/or loan accounts to reach 7+ Qualifying Services. 

  • Credit Card3
  • Reserve Line of Credit and Personal Loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Home Loans**
  • Home Equity Lines & Loans4
  • Student Loans**
  • Long-term Assets: Money Markets, Certificates, IRAs, College Fund5
  • Investments

Maintain your membership, it counts as a service

  • Member 10+ Years**

Rewards Checking Packages

  • Access – No Monthly Fee with 4+ Services 
    (or $10K  in average combined balance in deposit and/or loan accounts*). Otherwise $5 monthly.
  • Value  No Monthly Fee with 5+ Services 
    (or $20K  in average combined balance in deposit and/or loan accounts*). Otherwise $8 monthly.
  • Premium – No Monthly Fee with 7+ Services (or $30K in average combined balance in deposit and/or loan accounts*). Otherwise, $10 monthly.

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