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The home equity line of credit and standard home equity loan offer different types of advantages and features to meet your financial needs, life stage and comfort level. Once you've explored your options below, schedule an appointment with a lending expert to help you find the right product for your needs.

Home Equity Loan

Loan Details

Home Equity Line of Credit

Loan Details

Variable Rate

Fixed Rate

Option to lock in

Type of Disbursement

Lump sum

Withdraw as you need it

Term Lengths

Up to 15 years

Up to 15 years

No Annual Fees

No Closing Costs in Most Situations

Best if...

  • You prefer rates and payments that stay the same
  • You need a large amount of money quickly
  • You have a large purchase that will take more than five years to pay off
  • You are borrowing at a time when rates don't fluctuate
  • You need to borrow money incrementally over a period of itme
  • You plan to pay off the balance in one to three years

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