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UWCU Family Student Loan

Loan Details

UWCU Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit

Loan Details

Federal Direct PLUS Loan

Loan Details

At a Glance

Fixed- or variable-rate loan that a family member borrows on behalf of the student.

Fixed- or variable-rate loan or line of credit where a homeowner borrows from their home equity.

Fixed-rate loan offered by the government to parents and graduate students.

Maximum Term

15 years

15 years

10 years

Minimum Loan Amount




Maximum Loan Amount

$20,000 per school year

Available home equity

Cost of attendance


Family Member or Friend of Student



Cosigner Needed

Sometimes (36-mo. release)



Payment Deferrals



6 months (by request)

Reduced Payments

Up to 2 years interest only (by request for 10- or 15-year terms)

Up to 15 years interest only for lines of credit

Many options

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