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Get affordable financing to help pay for college with a private student loan.

  • Borrow up to $15,000 per school year for a lifetime maximum of $50,000.
  • Choose a fixed rate to keep your rate the same or a variable rate to get a lower initial rate.
  • Get a 0.25% rate reduction when you sign up for automatic payments.1
  • No hidden fees, no annual fees and no prepayment penalties.

Repay your way:

  • Defer payments for up to 5 years, as long as you are enrolled in school at least half-time.
  • Enjoy a 6-month grace period after graduating or dropping below half-time status before repayments begin.
  • Option to make interest-only payments during the first 2 years of repayment.
  • Take up to 15 years to repay.

Do you need a cosigner?

If you're just starting out and have limited income or credit history, you may need a trusted friend or family member to cosign for your student loan. A cosigner guarantees they will pay back your loan if you cannot do so. We will tell you during the application process if you need a cosigner. A cosigner release is available upon request after you've made 36 consecutive, on-time payments.2

Learn more about student loans and refinancing in our FAQs.

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Undergraduate - Variable Rate

Rates as Low as
APR * 15-Year

Undergraduate - Fixed Rate

Rates as Low as
APR * 15-Year

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Our online application process is straightforward. Find out what information is needed to complete the loan process and timing.

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Attend any 4-year public or private non-profit college in the U.S., including UW System schools and Madison College.

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Refinance Your Loans

Already have student loans? Learn about refinancing to help you save money, simplify your budget and pay off your loans faster.

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