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Headshot of Carina Alt, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Carina Alt, CRPC®

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) conferred by College for Financial Planning

Financial Consultant

"Don't let emotions override your investment decisions."

Experience & Background
Carina is an investment professional who has over 20 years of experience. Besides working as a financial consultant since 2002, she's also served as a personal banker and lender. As someone who's worked with hundreds of clients, Carina has developed a proactive approach when it comes to helping her clients pursue financial success. She specializes in creating lifetime income strategies and helping protect her clients with insurance and long-term care solutions. Carina is a graduate of Madison College.

Value-Driven Successes
One thing Carina has learned over the years is the important role trust plays in any client-advisor relationship. She's worked with some of her clients for more than ten years and has gotten to know their families along the way. In fact, when one of her clients was unexpectedly let go from her job, Carina helped her find a solution that allowed her to stay financially solvent during that difficult time.* Carina sees this as one of her many successful client interactions.

Headshot of Frank Mularz, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Frank Mularz

Financial Consultant, Milwaukee Area

"It gives me the most satisfaction to relieve people's financial stress."

Experience & Background
Frank is an investment professional who has worked in the industry since 1997. He realizes that investments can be complicated, so his mission is to have everyone leave with a clear picture of their financial goals and a plan to pursue them. With pensions becoming increasingly rare, Frank specializes in income distribution plans in early and post-retirement. He is a graduate of Western Carolina University in North Carolina with a degree in business and has lived in the Milwaukee area the past 12 years.

Value-Driven Successes
Frank thrives on finding solutions to complicated issues, helping clients gain clarity and confidence. Recently, a man visited him because a financial planner told him it was too late to build his retirement savings. That explanation wasn't acceptable to Frank who had a completely different outlook on the situation. He was able to develop a clearly defined path to pursue the man's goals, which Frank sees as one of his greatest successes.

Headshot of Kyle Judd, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Kyle Judd

Financial Consultant

"The power of compounding can have a tremendous impact on your portfolio. That's why it's never too late to start planning for the retirement you envision."

Experience & Background
Kyle has always had a passion for helping people and solving problems. He understands that financial planning can seem complicated, which can sometimes prevent people from pursuing their financial dreams. That's why he takes the time to fully understand clients' financial goals and listen to their concerns, answering any questions along the way. Then, Kyle puts every piece of the puzzle together to create a solid investment plan for clients. He is a graduate of UW-Milwaukee with a degree in finance.

Value-Driven Successes
Kyle strives to make clients' financial lives easier. He recently helped a client who had just lost a loved one. Because it was a very difficult and emotional time, Kyle helped the client stay on top of daily finances while still pursuing retirement goals.* Kyle counts this as one of his proudest accomplishments, showing that Investment Services is big enough to help, yet small enough to care.

Headshot of Jeremy Marshall, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Jeremy Marshall

Financial Consultant

"The time to start investing is now. The power of time will never be greater than it is today."

Experience & Background
Jeremy's decision to become a financial consultant combined two of his passions—solving mathematical problems and serving people. Always good with numbers, Jeremy was inspired to get his degree in Economics from UW-Madison. He also spent years working at a local restaurant, dedicating himself to excellent customer service. These paths naturally led him to be a financial consultant where he specializes in retirement planning and social security strategies, especially with University and State employees. He has been in the industry since 2005.

Value-Driven Successes
One of Jeremy's favorite moments is when he can help someone determine when they can retire. He recently met with a client who was unsure if he'd even be able to do so. Jeremy calculated the client's pension projections, Social Security payouts and assets, and helped the client realize that retirement was in reach. It is a powerful moment to Jeremy when people discover they can work for personal fulfillment rather than necessity.

Headshot of Aaron Lawry, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Aaron Lawry

Financial Consultant

"We all have things we consider important in life. Our investment goals should be one of them."

Experience & Background
Aaron got into financial planning so he can help his clients make sense of investing by creating transparent, attainable financial goals. He believes that knowing your options are investing wisely can be the difference between leading a financially secure life or falling short. He specializes in creating solid financial plans that incorporate short-term goals, retirement needs and wealth transfer. Aaron has been in the industry since 2006 and is a graduate of UW-La Crosse.

Value-Driven Successes
One of the things that give him the greatest satisfaction is helping clients understand their options and seeing the positive effect he has on their lives. He recently met with clients who were unsure if they could retire. They had savings, retirement accounts and life insurance but didn't know how they would work in retirement. After meeting with Aaron, they had a clearly defined path to pursue both their short and long-term goals.

Headshot of Tim Schiefelbein, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Tim Schiefelbein, CFP®

Financial Consultant

“I enjoy working with people to improve their financial well-being. Seeing results happen from having a good working relationship will never get old.”

Experience & Background
Tim began working in investment services in 2006 following several years of work in life, health, and disability insurance. He thrives in client-driven work environments where the expectation is to put clients' interests first. Tim enjoys working through the specifics of clients' plans to bring order to their financial world and put them on a path to work toward meeting their goals. He specializes in creating comprehensive financial plans** that include both short- and long-term savings, retirement and estate planning, as well as insurance solutions. Tim has been working at Investment Services at UW Credit Union since November 2018 and holds a bachelor’s degree in personal finance from UW-Madison.

After a day of financial consulting, Tim goes home to his wife and three young boys. Together they go on walks or bike rides, visit parks, coach the boys at sports, or play games. During his free time, you can also find him diving into good books.

Value-Driven Successes
Tim knows that not all people have the same needs, so he always strives to help clients solidify their personal, specific goals. He then works with them to create a plan to work toward accomplishing their goals and helps implement it to the best of his abilities. Tim believes peoples’ financial well-being is a process that needs attention, effort and commitment. He teaches clients to be intentional with their finances and how their lives can be enriched through purposeful planning.

Headshot of Justin Novara, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Justin Novara, CFP®

Financial Consultant

“Remain connected with your financial consultant for ongoing support, monitoring and adjusting of your investment plan.”

Experience & Background
Justin got into the financial planning industry because he wanted to help people demystify their finances. He believes that personal finance is a misunderstood topic for many people, and yet it is one of the most influential factors that guide people’s everyday lives. He enjoys taking the time to listen to and help clients through the investing process, including those that are just starting out. Justin has been in the industry since 2011. He held the role of UW Credit Union financial specialist and has been with Investment Services since 2014, serving as a licensed investment sales assistant. Justin is a graduate of UW-Madison with a degree in personal finance.

Value-Driven Successes
Justin aims to make clients' financial lives easier.  When a client passed away in an accident, the beneficiaries were distraught with the sudden loss of a loved one and didn’t know how to proceed.  Justin was able to help with the beneficiary distribution process during this difficult time.* He strives to be a trusted partner to help clients with their finances.

Headshot of Kevin Hoeft, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Kevin Hoeft, CFP®

Financial Consultant

“My approach to being a financial consultant is helping people plan for their future with balance so they can live a full life in the present.”

Experience and Background
Kevin has been helping clients address their financial needs ever since he joined the UW Credit Union back in 2012. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he takes great satisfaction in helping his clients work toward achieving their financial goals. Kevin has a gift for building strong professional relationships with his clients. He is a native of Wisconsin and holds a degree in personal finance from UW-Madison.

Value-Driven Successes
Kevin is determined to help clients make educated decisions about their investments. Through seminars and during appointments, he shows his dedication and expertise by helping clients truly understand the potential benefits of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and retirement accounts. Kevin is a well-rounded person with a passion for learning about other cultures, and has traveled in Croatia, China and other parts of the world. He also has other talents and interests, including swimming, playing the piano and learning ukulele.

Headshot of Ryan Boyd, Financial Consultant at UW Credit Union
Ryan Boyd

Financial Consultant

“Financial planning doesn’t have to be rocket science. I thrive on listening to people’s goals and helping them design an actionable plan that works best for them.”

Experience and Background
Dedicated and hard-working, Ryan has been delivering value and helping people work toward their financial goals since 2012. He has deep experience with holistic financial planning for individuals, families and businesses, and specializes in income and retirement planning. You might say Ryan has potential to actually be a rocket scientist, as he studied in the field and holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics, engineering and physics from UW–Madison. In addition to enjoying time with his wife and young son, Ryan loves playing intramural sports, spending time outdoors and hanging out with friends.

Value-Driven Successes
Ryan always tries to go above and beyond to help individuals strive toward their goals, no matter whether they’re new to investing or have significant experience. As a first-generation college graduate, Ryan deeply values the importance of education, especially when it comes to building a strong foundation of financial knowledge to plan wisely for the future. Whether he’s helping clients master basic concepts, or conducting an in-depth retirement income needs analysis, Ryan enjoys guiding people on their journey to work toward greater financial well-being.

Headshot of Katelyn Stanton, LPL Registered Sales Assistant at UW Credit Union
Katelyn Stanton

LPL Registered Sales Assistant

The best part of working in Investment Services at UW Credit Union for Katelyn is connecting with clients on a more personal level. Because of the relationships she builds, she’s able to better support clients when financial questions arise. Katelyn started at the UW Credit Union in 2015, most recently holding the title of senior teller, before joining the Investment Services division as an LPL Registered Sales Assistant. She has a bachelor’s degree in personal finance from UW-Madison.

Headshot of Anthony Francois, LPL Registered Sales Assistant at UW Credit Union
Anthony Francois

LPL Registered Sales Assistant

From a young age, Anthony always knew he wanted to work in the financial services industry. He finds it rewarding to assist people with their goals and building strong relationships. Anthony first started at UW Credit Union in 2017 as a financial specialist after completing an internship at MassMutual. He spends ample time listening to clients’ priorities because he truly cares about their financial well-being and assisting the financial advisors to help their clients pursue their goals. He has a bachelor’s degree in business finance from UW Oshkosh. Anthony loves staying active through hockey and golf. He also enjoys watching Wisconsin sports, relaxing at a lakeside cabin in Minocqua, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Headshot of Christopher Bruegman, LPL Registered Sales Assistant at UW Credit Union
Christopher Bruegman

LPL Registered Sales Assistant

Chris is a husband and soon-to-be father who was inspired to work in investment services by his desire to deepen his personal knowledge of the financial services industry. He now loves to build relationships with people and assist advisors in helping their clients pursue their goals. Chris started at the UW Credit Union in 2014 as a financial specialist, advanced to a senior financial specialist, and now works in the Investment Services division as an LPL Registered Sales Assistant. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. When Chris isn’t teaching others about finances, you can find him drumming, kayaking, hiking or traveling to new places.

Headshot of Stephanie Bissell, LPL Registered Sales Assistant at UW Credit Union
Stephanie Bissell

LPL Registered Sales Assistant

Stephanie loves helping clients by assisting with their financial needs. Energetic and motivated, she is adept at building long-lasting professional relationships, and is always sensitive to each individual client's needs. Every day, she works to help credit union clients feel supported and confident about their financial future. A proud Badger through and through, Stephanie holds a bachelor's degree in personal finance from UW-Madison. She thoroughly enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, taking relaxing walks with her dog, baking delectable treats, and reading riveting novels.

Headshot of Regan Calvert, Investment Services Sales at UW Credit Union
Regan Calvert

Investment Services Sales Assistant

Regan has always been passionate about personal finance and wealth management, which is why she chose a career in financial services. A natural-born problem solver, Regan easily connects with others and loves assisting financial consultants’ work with clients to pursue their lifetime goals. She has made a difference in others' lives as a volunteer tax preparer in connection with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Regan holds a bachelor's degree in personal finance from UW-Madison. An avid long-distance runner, she has completed a half marathon, and looks forward to competing in full marathons. She also has taken up gymnastics and loves to play the piano. 

Headshot of Matt Ruppe, Investment Services Program Manager at UW Credit Union
Matt Ruppe

Investment Services Program Manager

"Everyone needs a plan to be successful. Take control of your financial future...don't leave it to luck or chance."

Experience & Background
Matt is an investment professional who has worked in the industry since 1998 as a financial consultant, banker and regional sales manager. During that time, Matt has successfully managed two licensed banker programs. He specializes in tax law and retirement and estate planning to help clients make sound financial decisions. He graduated from UW-Whitewater with a degree in finance and marketing.

Value-Driven Successes
Matt thrives on finding creative solutions to complex problems, and it drives him to help clients gain understanding and confidence. Beyond that, Matt takes the time to get to know his clients and truly cares about them. For example, when one of his clients was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he researched state laws and developed a plan for the client to reduce debt and afford long-term care. He counts this as one of his greatest accomplishments.

Headshot of Teo Trandafir, Director of Investment Services at UW Credit Union
Teo Trandafir

Director of Investment Services

“Work with an advisor that you can trust to put your best interest first.”

Experience & Background
Teo is responsible for the overall strategic direction and success of Investment Services at UW Credit Union and provides leadership to the team. Teo has been an executive in the wealth management industry since 2000, developing extensive experience in investment program management and enhancing the client experience. Teo previously held the position of assistant vice president at Partners Retirement and Wealth Management in Burbank, California. Prior to joining Partners Retirement and Wealth Management in 2007, Teo held various management positions in the industry. In addition, he serves on the board for the Product & Research Organization for Credit Unions (PROCU), as well as the School of Human Ecology’s Personal Finance Advisory Board at UW-Madison. Teo has bachelor degrees from California State University San Bernardino and a master’s degree in finance from University of Redlands. He also attended the Euromed School of Management in France.

Value-Driven Successes
Teo’s passion for serving clients resides at the core of his management philosophy – providing the best service experience possible. In fact, he encourages and supports his team in their efforts to increase their knowledge of the industry in order to improve the client experience. Teo looks for ways to improve clients’ financial lives and works to foster this guiding principle in his staff.

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