Additional FAQs

My joint accountholder lost their card; can I lock it?

Locking a card can only be completed by the individual cardholder using their own Web Branch login. In cases of lost/stolen cards, joint accountholders may cancel and obtain a replacement card by calling us or visiting a local branch.

Will you automatically send me a new card if I lock it?

No. Locking a card will only block new authorizations on your current card. To cancel your card and receive a replacement, visit Manage Cards in Web Branch or visit a local branch for a new Instant Issue card.

I see an unauthorized transaction; should I lock my card?

No, locking a card will only prevent new authorizations. Instead, please dispute the transaction by clicking on it in your account history. Your card will be canceled and a new card can be mailed or you can get an Instant Issue card at a branch.

When a debit card is locked, can ATM transaction be done?

No, when a card is locked only pending transactions, payments and recurring purchases, such as memberships or online subscriptions, will still be completed.

Will locked cards work in my Mobile Wallet? 

No, if a card is locked, purchases made with a Mobile Wallet will be declined.

Can I make a payment to my card when a card is locked?

Yes, payments will process when your card is locked.

Will my auto pay process if my card is locked?

Yes, your auto pay will process when your card is locked.

Can I lock my ATM-only card?

No, only Visa debit and credit cards can be locked.

Can I dispute charges when my card is locked?

Yes, you may dispute transactions on a locked card.