Protect Your Card When You Travel

Keeping your account information safe is our top priority, and we've rolled out several new ways for you to protect and manage your credit and debit cards.

Mobile Travel Verification

Let our Mobile App help confirm your debit and/or credit card transactions when you travel. Mobile Travel Verification uses location updates sent by your mobile device to identify legitimate purchases made outside your normal spending areas.

By matching the location of your phone with your card transactions, Mobile Travel Verification reduces the likelihood that your card will be mistakenly declined.

Watch this short video from Visa to see how it works.

Mobile Travel Verification


How do I sign up for Mobile Travel Verification?

You can enroll in Mobile Travel Verification through our App. For instructions, select a button below based on whether or not you currently have UW Credit Union’s Mobile App.

Already Have AppDon't Have App

How do I opt out of Mobile Travel Verification?

You can turn off Mobile Travel Verification at any time

  1. From the App start screen, go to Settings in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Select “Mobile Travel Verification”.
  3. Turn off.

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