Money Link & External  Transfers

Money Link

Members can transfer money from their UW Credit Union accounts directly into another member’s account, and the money is available immediately. Nonmembers can transfer money from any financial institution in the U.S., and funds take about four business days to arrive. Need to pay a friend or relative and don’t have cash or a check on you? Just use Money Link. It's free, easy, convenient and secure.

Popular Uses

  • Parents – Send money directly to your student’s UW Credit Union account. Use Money Link for a one-time transfer or set up a recurring transfer, such as the beginning of each semester.
  • Students – Invite your parents to send money to your account when you need it — for tuition, books or other expenses.
  • Everyone – Set up a Money Link to repay a friend for buying lunch or to pay back money you owe.

To start using Money Link, log in to Web Branch and go to the Transfers & Payments section.

External Transfers

Moving money between accounts used to require a visit to the branch or a trip to an ATM to deposit a personal check. Now you can move money electronically from your account at another financial institution into your UW Credit Union account, and vice versa. It’s free,* convenient, easy and secure.

  • Transfer funds to another financial institution to fund your joint account.
  • Move money into your UW Credit Union account to cover an automatic deduction.
  • Set up recurring or one-time transfers.
  • Most transfers occur in four days or fewer (there’s also an option to expedite a transfer for a nominal charge).

To get started, log in to Web Branch and select Transfers & Payments. From the Transfers page, you can add and manage your external accounts.