Supporting Our Communities


Being a committed community partner is an unwavering pledge. It's why we seek to be thoughtful community partners in everything we do, including our philanthropic giving.

In 2021, we applied an equity lens to our grantmaking process for the UW Credit Union Fund for Racial Equity. We've learned a lot about doing things differently—and we're carrying the Fund for Racial Equity forward by integrating those lessons into our grantmaking process. By doing so, we're reaffirming our commitment to programs that help communities of color achieve financial stability and economic mobility.

Each year we receive hundreds of requests to support a variety of initiatives, programs and events. We value and appreciate the volunteers and organizations who reach out to us, and we respect the time and effort they put into making a difference in their communities.

We're dedicated to driving lasting improvements in areas tied to our social mission: creating access to higher education, improving access to family-supporting employment and making it easier for everyone to find stable housing. If you support a non-profit organization that shares our goals, we encourage you to apply.

ApplicationFunding Guidelines