Paying Off Debt

Refinancing student loans allowed Jordan and his wife to save and pay off debt faster.

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By refinancing their student loans, Jordan and his wife are saving over $136,000 in interest and paying off their debt five years sooner.

When you have as much medical school debt as my wife and I do, you get loan offers all the time. You get numb to them.

But we’ve known and trusted UW Credit Union for a long time. When I received an email from them about student loan refinancing, I thought, “I actually do need that, and it seems reasonable.”

I reached out and spoke with Megan in the Student Lending Department.

She told me how to apply and was really helpful walking me through every step of the process. It was fairly simple, and Megan was right there, able to answer my questions and really quick getting back to me. It probably took two to three weeks to get everything done.

Refinancing was kind of a no-brainer. Even with us being aggressive about trying to pay off our loans early, refinancing was still going to save us a lot of money.

We’ve been with UWCU for a long time. We went to school at UW-Madison, then to Penn State and now we live in Pennsylvania. We’ve kept all our accounts with UWCU.

UWCU far and away exceeds all our needs, especially with the technology and how easy it is to use Web Branch. UWCU is always easy to work with, always on top of things. It’s been great.

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