At UW Credit Union, we’ve created a welcoming environment where every member can succeed – at all ages and all life stages.

It starts with our core values and continues with kindness, empathy and a genuine interest in getting to know people.

Because when we listen, we learn, gaining new perspectives that help shape an even brighter future. One in which we’ll continue to be here for all of you.

Banking Options for Everyone

A Fee-Free Focus

Whether you’re just getting started or enjoying the rewards of retirement, your money matters and we’ve got your back. Our business is built on fair and equitable practices that put people over profit, protecting even the most financially vulnerable. For example:

  • We don’t charge a fee to anyone using our ATMs.
  • You’ll never be charged more than $5 a day for an overdraft (after all, an occasional oversight is just part of life).
  • With our Clear Account, there’s no overdraft fee at all. If there isn't enough money to cover a purchase, the transaction is simply declined.

Help Getting Started – or Starting Anew

  • Our low-limit, unsecured Visa credit card helps members just beginning their financial journey build credit for a strong financial future.
  • For those with past financial difficulties, our Encore Account for checking provides a fresh start. With a low monthly fee, no overdrafts and no minimum balances, you have the tools to get back on track. And when you’ve successfully managed your Encore Account for a year, you can upgrade to a more flexible checking option.

Navigating the Unknown

  • We’re committed to fair pricing practices – and communicating them clearly. (There’s nothing lurking in the fine print.)
  • Every situation is different. Our financial specialists are here to help with complimentary, confidential, no-obligation Credit Consultations for members and non-members alike.
  • We offer tools – including seminars and our Banzai and GreenPath educational resources – to help you strengthen your financial foundation.

Support Choices to Meet Your Style

  • With 33 Wisconsin locations, phone support and a mobile app, we’re here to help – in the manner most convenient to your unique needs.

We Speak Your Language

  • For members more comfortable interacting in Spanish, most branches – and our Member Solutions Center (phone) – are staffed with bilingual staff. In fact, we received the Juntos Avanzamos designation (“together we advance”) for our efforts to support Spanish-speaking members.

Lifting Up Underserved Populations

Our inclusive practices are strengthened through partnerships and programs within our industry and communities.

  • In 2019 we partnered with Filene Research Institute to open their new Center of Excellence for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which conducts research and tackles challenges regarding workforce diversity and underserved populations in the financial sector.
  • In 2021 we established our Fund for Racial Equity, which invested $1.5 million in organizations that remove barriers for people of color by creating financial stability and closing the education achievement gap.

Engaging Our Workforce

Within our walls and throughout our halls, we know that employees thrive when they can be their best selves. To help them feel connected:

  • Every employee is given 16 hours of paid time off to help local nonprofits, charities and community organizations of their choice through our Volunteer Time Off program.
  • Our six Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) – Black Excellence, Green Team, Helping Young Professionals Engage (HYPE), Raices Latinx, Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) and the Women's Initiative Network – allow employees to express their identity and interests and offer opportunities for networking, career development and advocacy both inside and outside the organization.
  • We offer numerous professional development opportunities on wide-ranging topics – and in diverse formats – so everyone can learn and grow in a meaningful way and with a long-lasting impact.

An Inclusive Eye Toward the Future

As we develop new products and services, we have you in mind, keeping a sharp focus on how all enhancements affect everyone, especially often-overlooked populations.