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Those who are flexible, collaborative and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment will thrive as part of UW Credit Union’s corporate team.

Our corporate team includes these key departments:

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Dave Poeschl - Director of our Member Solutions Center

Dave, Director of Member Solutions Center, at our Madison Campus.


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Get to Know the Corporate Team

While corporate roles usually don’t involve working directly with members, everything we do supports the member experience.

From creating new technology as a web developer to recruiting new staff as a talent acquisition consultant, corporate roles have a positive and lasting impact on UW Credit Union.

Positions range from entry level specialists to senior managers, with ample opportunity in all roles to grow, learn and work across disciplines.


Working in Our Corporate Offices

UW Credit Union fosters a positive work environment.

In our corporate offices, you’ll find a flexible work-life balance, an emphasis on diversity and inclusion and a team of coworkers committed to making a difference.

Day-to-day work varies by department. While human resources includes talent development and acquisition, compensation and benefits, the marketing department consists of brand strategists, designers, writers and data analysts. IT and web development focus on a range of categories such as server support, network administration, app development and user experience. Finance and accounting include financial planning, treasury analysis and staff accounting.

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