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Account Features

Our personal accounts are packed with perks, like free person-to-person transfers, no-fee ATM access, and mobile wallet capabilities. Plus, you can manage your accounts 24/7 through Web Branch and our Mobile App.

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Account Options at a Glance

UW Credit Union offers a variety of accounts to fit your lifestyle and meet your needs. Learn more about your options and choose the account that works best for you.

All checking accounts include the following benefits:

Rewards Account
(Premium, Value, Access)

Clear Account

Launch Account

What is it?

Classic checking with overdraft protection and money-saving benefits

Simple, modern account with no checks and no overdrafts

Youth account with no fees and no overdrafts

Best if...

You want a full-service account and added discounts

You want an easy, paperless account

You are 14-17 years old with a valid ID

Monthly Fee

with Qualifying Services
Otherwise $5-$10 monthly

with Direct or Mobile Deposit
Otherwise $5 monthly


Monthly Balance




Paper Checks
One free box per year with Premium

Overdraft Protection1

Rate Discounts on Auto Loans

Available for Premium and Value

Earns Interest2

Rate Increases on Certificates

Available for Premium

Discounts on Mortgage Closing Costs

Available for Premium

Free Cashier's Checks & Money Orders

Available for Premium

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Not eligible for any of the above standard accounts? View information about our Encore Account here.

Which Account Is Right for You?

Rewards Checking

For a traditional account with valuable features and discounts, Rewards Checking has three options to choose from: Access, Value and Premium. All accounts include:

  • No monthly fee with Qualifying Services
  • Overdraft protection to prevent declined transactions1
  • Paper checks available
  • No minimum balance
  • Free debit card

Rewards Access Checking
Access is our entry-level Rewards Checking option, providing all of our standard features.

Rewards Value Checking
In addition to our base perks, Value also offers account holders a rate discount on auto loans.

Rewards Premium Checking
As the most robust Rewards Checking option, Premium includes a range of money-saving benefits:

  • Rate discount on auto loans
  • Interest earned on balances over $1,0002
  • Rate increase on certificates
  • Discount on mortgage closing costs
  • Free cashier’s checks and money orders
  • Free box of checks annually

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Clear Account

Simplify your finances with an easy, streamlined option. This paperless account has only the features you need, with no paper checks and no overdrafts.

Having no overdrafts means that if you don’t have sufficient funds to make a payment, your transaction will simply be declined, preventing you from overspending and paying overdraft fees.

  • No monthly fee when you use Direct Deposit or Mobile Deposit (otherwise, $5 monthly)
  • No risk of overdraft – your account should not go negative and will not be charged a fee
  • No paper checks – pay bills online with Web Pay
  • No minimum balance
  • Free debit card

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Launch Account

Designed especially for high school students ages 14 to 17, the Launch Account helps teens safely learn how to manage money and gain independence.

There’s no overdraft, which means no surprise fees. If you try to make a purchase and there’s not enough money in your account, the transaction will be declined and your account won’t go negative.

  • No monthly fee
  • No risk of overdraft
  • No paper checks
  • No minimum balance
  • Free debit card

Start your application online! Then, visit a branch to finalize your account and pick out your personalized debit card. A parent/guardian does not need to be present when you visit a branch. You will need to know your Social Security number and will need to bring some money to put in your new account. Be sure to bring a driver’s license, passport or state ID. (Learn how obtain a state ID here.)

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Exclusive Card Designs

Select your favorite card design – you can even show your school spirit with a campus debit card.

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