Choose Your Own Spring Break Adventure

With some advanced planning, you can make this your best spring break yet.

Suitcase being packed for spring break

You’re probably looking forward to spring break. No classes, studying, papers, etc. But you may also be wondering if you can afford to go anywhere on a college student’s budget. With some advanced planning and flexibility, you can make a trip happen.

Start Saving

You’re already taking steps to build your emergency fund. Add a few dollars here and there as you can into a vacation fund, so that you’ve amassed a nice amount by the time spring break rolls around.

Do Your Research

Researching different destinations will give you a realistic idea of what your actual costs will be and help you narrow down your final choice based on your budget. This vacation affordability calculator will help you figure out a budget for your trip.

Plan Ahead

We cannot stress this enough: one of the most expensive things you can do is wait until the last minute to book travel, lodging, etc. As soon as you know your budget and destination, start booking to take advantage of deals.

Think Outside the Beach

Yes, beach vacations are magical. But so are hikes in the mountains, or discovering quaint and quiet destinations. The world is full of places to explore — choosing one that isn’t flooded with tourists could save you money and your sanity.

Hit the Road

Maybe a flight isn’t in the cards for you this year budget-wise. Why not hit the road? The great highways beckon with new views and fun pit stops. Plus, you can cover multiple destinations.

Where to Stay

If a hotel isn’t quite in your budget, consider splitting an AirBnB or VRBO with multiple people. Are you an outdoorsy person? Make it a camping trip. Have friends or family in a fun place? See if you can stay with them in exchange for cooking a meal or two.

Power in Numbers

Coordinate with your friends and/or roommates and make it a group trip. The more the merrier, plus more people to split costs like food, lodging, etc. Just make sure communication is open and everyone is on the same page with plans.

Other Group Vacations

If you’re not already involved in any campus clubs or organizations, do some research to find one that aligns with your interests and offers special events like spring break trips. These group packages may be a better fit with your budget, plus you don’t have to worry about planning a full agenda. You might meet some new friends, too!

Pack Smartly

Make sure you have what you need for variable weather conditions (rain gear, sunscreen, snow boots) depending on where you’re visiting. A trip to shop for essentials once you’re on vacation can mess with your budget (and your fun).

Stay Safe

Have fun, but also stay hydrated, layered (if in cold weather), protected from the sun and aware of your surroundings. Being alert and taking care of yourself will help you avoid unexpected mishaps (and, most likely, expenses).

Use Credit Wisely

A credit card can be a handy travel companion, as long as you use best practices:

  • Only charge it if you know you can pay it off when the bill comes
  • Only use your card for secure transactions

You’ll likely need a credit card to book a flight, lodging, etc. You may even earn rewards depending on the type of credit card you have. If you’re considering opening an account, this resource on picking the right credit card is super helpful. Just be sure you’re using credit wisely, with a plan to pay off your bill in full and build a healthy credit score.

UW Credit Union has a suite of Visa® credit cards offering low rates, no annual fees and customized rewards options. Plus, all cards include valuable benefits such as extended warranty protection on eligible purchases, roadside assistance, and travel and emergency assistance — sounds like the perfect vacation companion.

Now you’re equipped with the tools to make this spring break the best yet. Go have an amazing adventure!

UW Credit Union is committed to providing financial education, helping our members and communities build their financial savviness to make empowered decisions. We offer free learning seminars, confidential credit consultations and, through our partnership with Banzai, an impressive catalog of financial education resources.

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