Building a Home

Get Preapproved UW Credit Union is your partner in building your dream home when you finance a construction or lot loan like this happy couple meeting with their builders.

Dreaming of a New Home? Build It.

Customize your next home to meet your specific wants and needs by building instead of buying.

Our experienced home loan experts have helped countless families create the home of their dreams—and no matter where you're starting from, they're ready to make building yours simple and stress-free.

Best Ways to Get Started

  • 1Know How Much You Can Afford
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Explore Loan Options

You can finance your entire homebuilding process through UW Credit Union. Buy your land with a lot loan, fund the building with a construction loan and transition into a traditional mortgage.

Construction Loans

Build your dream home or renovate an existing one.

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Lot Loans

Finance the purchase of land you want to build on.

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Want to calculate much you can afford? Find out here or request a call from one of our friendly lending experts.

How the Home Building Process Works

No matter where you’re at in the process, we’ll make your next steps simple and stress-free.

Step 1: Get Your Lot

To start, you’ll need to own a lot or have identified a lot on which you want to build.

Want to build your home right away? You can bundle the purchase of your lot into a construction loan.

Don’t plan on building right away? If you plan on financing the purchase of a lot, you’ll need to do it with a lot loan.

Step 2: Get Your Blueprints

Once you’ve selected a location to build your new home and plans to purchase it, you can begin the process of finding a builder and designing your home. Once you have finalized plans, move on to the next step!

Step 3: Apply for a Construction Loan

With your lot plans and home designs in hand, it’s time to apply for a construction loan. During this step, your plans will be appraised to determine the value of the construction project. >> Apply Now

Step 4: Build Your Dream Home

After you’ve been approved for your construction loan, the fun begins! Building will start, and we’ll set up a draw schedule to pay for work completed on your home.

Typically, your loan will be drawn from four to six times, with an inspection occurring after each draw. Once your home is complete, it’ll be inspected and/or appraised once more.

Step 5: Transition to a Permanent Mortgage

After your home’s complete, we’ll refinance your construction loan into a mortgage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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