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Why Should I Refinance?

Swapping your old mortgage with a new one can help you save money—and in plenty of ways. Our experts are ready and waiting to guide you through your options and help you make the right move for your specific situation.

Reduce Your Rate

Lower your rate and pay less for your home over the life of your mortgage.

Lower Your Payments

Shrink your mortgage payments and put more money back in your pocket every month.

Shorten Your Term

Shortening your loan term might increase your monthly payment, but it could give you long-term savings as you pay less in interest for fewer years.

Save Time and Effort

Our process is fast, easy and simple—and our lending experts always have your best interest in mind.

Best Ways to Get Started

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Explore the UWCU Mortgages closing cost offers available when you get your Home Loan through us.

The Lowest Closing Costs + More Discounts

Don’t bother shopping around for the lowest closing costs. They’re right here.

Plus, take up to $750 more off1,2—and if you find lower costs somewhere else, we’ll make it worth your effort.**  

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Find Your Best Option

Traditional Refi

Classic refinancing for loans up to $766,550, plus FHA and VA refinances. Learn More 

Rapid Refi

Save big with closing costs as low as $1493. Learn More 

Jumbo Refi

Refinancing for loan balances over $766,550. Learn More 

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We want you to feel at home with your home loan. That's why our local experts are always ready to answer your questions, understand your goals and help you take a smart step forward.

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