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Get More Flexibility with a Refinance

Your mortgage is your key to more financial flexibility. When you refinance, you can:

Get Cash Out

Use some of your hard-earned equity to fund your next project, pay for surprise bills or just about anything else.

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Choose a New Term

Shorten your term to pay less for your home overall, or choose a longer term to shrink your monthly payments.

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Consolidate and Save

Squash high-interest debt and roll it into a new, more affordable home loan. Let us crunch the numbers for you.

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Explore the UWCU Mortgages closing cost offers available when you get your Home Loan through us.

The Lowest Closing Costs + More Discounts

Don’t bother shopping around for the lowest closing costs. They’re right here.

Plus, take up to $750 more off1,2—and if you find lower costs somewhere else, we’ll make it worth your effort.**  

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Find Your Best Option

Traditional Refi

Classic refinancing for loans up to $726,200, plus FHA and VA refinances. Learn More 

Rapid Refi

Save big with closing costs as low as $1493. Learn More 

Jumbo Refi

Refinancing for loan balances over $726,200. Learn More 

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