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Get quick cash at an affordable rate without having to apply.

When you just can’t make it to payday, UW Credit Union offers an alternative to payday loans. Our Paycheck Advance is a revolving line of credit that acts as a short-term, emergency loan without the usual credit check or loan application process.

  • Access Paycheck Advance right in Web Branch anytime for as long as you qualify.
  • Advance up to $500 at a time.
  • No credit check and no application.
  • No hidden fees - no application fee, no monthly service fee and no prepayment penalties.

There are a few eligibility requirements for Paycheck Advance, including:

  • Be a UWCU member for at least 6 months.
  • Have all accounts and loans in good standing.
  • Have a checking account with direct deposit.

If you qualify for Paycheck Advance, it will automatically be available to you in Web Branch under the Products & Offers tab.

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