Stay on top of your finances with account-related messages sent automatically from Web Branch according to the customizable notification settings you choose.

Why Sign Up for Notifications?

  • Monitor card transactions and account activity
  • Identify potential fraud sooner
  • Stay on top of payments, balances, and more
  • View new statements, notices, and secure messages
  • Receive convenient Push Notifications with our App

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Types of Notifications

Balance Notifications

Find out when you have a low balance, high balance, or an overdraft on your accounts.

Account Activity Notifications

See high transaction amounts, paycheck and cleared checks.

Payment Due Notifications

Find out when you have reached your credit limit or a payment is due.

Profile Notifications

View new statements, notices, secure messages and personal reminders.

Search Notifications

Track any of your saved searches.

Card Transaction Notifications

Verify transactions as they happen, and identify potential fraud sooner. 

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What Notifications Should I Receive?

You can choose to receive any combination of Notifications, but to make it easy, we’ve bundled together our top picks. Set it and forget it with our Recommended Notifications, which include Card Transaction Notifications, Balance Notifications, Account Activity Notifications and Payment Due Notifications.

See the carousel below for more on how to sign up for Recommended Notifications.

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