Credit Card Balance Transfers



Transfer & Save

Transfer balances from other credit cards to your UWCU credit card and save big.

  • 0% APR on transferred balances for 6 months,1 returning to your standard variable APR (14.40%-28.75%) thereafter.
  • 3% balance transfer fee
  • No credit eligibility restrictions
  • Unlimited balance transfers
  • Transfers can be made anytime

To do a balance transfer, log in to Web Branch and click on Transfers & Payments, then Balance Transfer.

If you don't have a UWCU credit card, apply now. You will be able to do a balance transfer as soon as you are approved for your new card.

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How a Balance Transfer Works

A balance transfer moves your existing balance from one credit card to another. Balance transfers are a great way to:

  • Reduce your interest rate
  • Consolidate debt into one easy payment
  • Pay off balances faster
  • Potentially save hundreds, even thousands, in interest

Below is an example balance transfer and potential savings.

Transfer existing credit card balances easily on the UWCU app.

Visa Credit Card

Rates as Low as
Illustration describing balance transfer benefits including 6 months of 0% APR on transferred balances
UW Credit Union credit card balance transfer infographic highlighting potential savings.