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You deserve a home loan that helps you thrive—and with UW Credit Union, getting one is easy.

Join thousands of homeowners who have refinanced with us and lowered their payments, maximized their equity or simply found a better-fitting mortgage.

Fastest Ways to Get Started

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Connect with one of our UWCU Mortgage Loan Officers.


Reach out to our experts and let them help you find your best refinance option.

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Estimate Your Loan

Use this interactive calculator to explore your financial options.


Run the numbers with our easy-to-use rate tool and see how much you could save.

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Get preapproved for your home loan fast and easily at UWCU.


Take a major step towards a better home loan by submitting an easy online application.

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Why Should I Refinance?

No matter your reason, we're here for you every step of the way.



Save in the short and long term with a lower interest rate, shorter term or both. 

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Maximize Value

Take advantage of your equity with a cash-out refi or consolidate high-interest debt. 

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If your financial situation has changed or you're tired of rising adjustable rates, a refi can help. 

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Types of Mortgage Refinances

Traditional Refi

Classic refinancing for loans up to $726,200, plus FHA and VA refis.

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Rapid Refi

Expedite the process and get closing costs as low as $1491.

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Jumbo Refi

Available for home loan balances over $726,200.

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Cash Out Refi

Access the equity in our home and get cash at closing. 

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15-Year Fixed Rate Refi


30-Year Fixed Rate Refi


7-Year Jumbo Adjustable Rate

Explore the UWCU Mortgages closing cost offers available when you get your Home Loan through us.

The Lowest Closing Costs + More Discounts

Don’t bother shopping around for the lowest closing costs. They’re right here.

Plus, take up to $750 more off2,3—and if you find lower costs somewhere else, we’ll make it worth your effort.**  

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What Is It & How Does It Work?

Refinancing involves replacing your current mortgage with one that’s a better fit. Once you’ve decided it’s the right move for you, getting your new home loan is easy. 

Step 1: Apply

Submit your application and get approved—fast (usually less than 24 hours).

Step 2: Lock Your Rate

After you're approved, you can lock in your rate and ensure that it won't rise before you close.

Want to lock it even sooner? Request a call from our lending experts.

Step 3: Home Appraisal

To confirm the value of your home, we may ask for an appraisal. Don't stress—we'll handle the ordering and scheduling and we'll help you prepare for it.

Step 4: Closing

Before you know it, you'll be closing on your new loan and saving money. 


Get helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Refinance With Confidence

At UW Credit Union, we'll work hard to make your experience easy and stress-free.

  • Local team - Our expert loan officers will help make your refi a success.
  • Fast application - Enjoy an easy, streamlined online application process.
  • Easy rate quotes - Explore options for your unique situation.
  • In-house servicing - We service our refinances, which means you can access your loan information and make payments in Web Branch.

Connect With Us

Our mortgage team is here to help with fast, local service and a quick response—always.


Here for Every You, Everywhere

When you refinance with UW Credit Union, you become a member of a not-for-profit institution dedicated to serving its 300,000+ members and their communities.

Once you become a member, you’re a member for life—no matter where it takes you. And with 24/7 online banking via Web Branch, our best-in-class mobile app and nearly 1,000 committed employees, we’re never far away.


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