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Opening a savings account with $5 is all it takes to establish your UW Credit Union membership, which makes you an owner of the credit union with an equal voice and vote in how we are run.

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Credit unions are organizations that offer the same services as other financial institutions, such as checking accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment services. There are a few key aspects that distinguish UW Credit Union.

Support for Your Financial Well-Being

We offer a variety of resources to help you make smart financial choices.

Great Value on Loans and Accounts

Whether you're looking for a low-rate credit card or financing for your first home, UW Credit Union has low rates and a multitude of offers to help you save.

World-Class Technology and Security

Unlike most financial institutions, we build our technology in-house with an incredible team of software engineers and user experience designers. You can always count on our online and mobile banking to offer the latest features and the best security and account protection.

Other Helpful Services and Discounts

  • Free notary services
  • Free branch coin machines
  • Discount on BCycle membership
  • Free and secure document shredding events

Join our membership of more than 290,000 people, and discover the credit union difference.


How Are Credit Unions Different?

We work for the betterment of our members and communities.

  • Member owned – Everyone who uses the credit union is a member-owner.
  • Not for profit – Earnings go back to the credit union to bring you better rates and value.
  • Equal vote – All members have a say in decisions, regardless of your account balance.
  • Volunteer board – Our board of directors is elected by our members.
  • Community impact – A big part of our purpose is giving back to our communities.
  • Financial education – We want to empower people to be financially well.
  • Competitive rates – Enjoy higher savings dividends and lower loan rates.
  • Fewer fees – We don’t want our members to pay fees.
  • NCUA insured – Deposits are federally insured by the NCUA.

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Joining UW Credit Union is easy. You can become a member based on your location, your job, your school, and even your family members. Learn more about membership eligibility and what you'll need to get started.

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