Family Private Student Loans

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Help pay for your child's college education.

Our family loans are for parents, family members, friends and others who want to help a student pay for college, including expenses such as tuition, rent and meals.

  • Borrow up to $15,000 per school year ($50,000 lifetime limit).
  • Minimum loan amount is $1,000.
  • Choose a repayment term of 5, 10, or 15 years.
  • Fixed-rate and variable-rate loan options available.
    • Variable Rates are capped at 15%
  • No hidden fees, annual fees or prepayment penalties.
  • Easy application process - see what to expect.
  • Student must be enrolled at least half-time in a degree-seeking program at an eligible U.S. school.

How do repayments work?

  • Unlike undergraduate loans and graduate loans, family loans cannot be deferred while the student is in school.
  • Repayment begins after the loan is fully disbursed. 
  • Minimum monthly payment is $50. 
  • Over the life of your loan, you can request up to two 3-month occurrences of interest-only payments and up to two 3-month occurrences of forbearance (skip a payment).2 A full payment must be made between requests.

Learn more about student loans and refinancing in our FAQs. See our comparison chart to review family loans, home equity and federal loan options.

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Family Loans, Federal Loans or Home Equity?

When it comes to helping your child pay for college, you have options. Check out our comparison chart to see how family loans compare to home equity loans and federal parent PLUS loans.

Request a call with our educational lending team to speak with the experts about your options and help decide what's best for you.

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Family - Variable Rate

Rates as Low as
APR * 5-Year

Family - Fixed Rate

Rates as Low as
APR * 5-Year

Lowest rates shown include automatic payment discount1

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