Budgeting Tools


Control and organize your finances for better money management.

Budgeting tools are available in Web Branch and our Mobile App to help simplify how you manage your money.

  • Understand where your money goes.
  • Reduce unwanted spending and save for future goals.
  • Anticipate your future balance based on scheduled upcoming transfers and payments.
  • Organize transactions and add your own notes.
  • Track your spending trends.

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Make Better Spending Decisions

Explore all the budgeting tools and resources available to you in Web Branch and our Mobile App, including:

Categories, Notes & Labels

  • Categories — Assign or automatically assign categories to transactions such as home, bills and utilities, income and more.
  • Notes — Add personalized messages to your transactions.
  • Labels — Create another layer of information for your transactions by tracking spending for different members of your family or an event.

Transaction-Based Notifications

Know when a particular check clears, when a deposit over a certain amount occurs and when a transaction posts from a certain store.

Pending Items  

Know your account balance now and into the future by seeing upcoming transfers and Web Payments in your Account History. Stay on top of your available balance by entering pending checks, income and expenses. These items will all be reflected in your balance helping you know what funds are available to you and giving you piece of mind that you won’t over spend.


Search your transaction history.

Advanced Searches 

Search your history by any field such as category, label, description, date and dollar amount.


See a great visual picture of where you are spending money, all generated from the categories you create.