Certificate Accounts

Make your savings work harder with a guaranteed rate of return and a fixed rate that’ll never decrease, no matter what’s happening in the market.



Special Certificate Offers

For a Limited Time

4.35% APY*

14-month term
With Premium Checking or $10,000 balance

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4.40% APY*

27-month term
With Premium Checking or $10,000 balance

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Compare Our Most Popular Certificates

Our Regular, Rate Bump and Smart Saver Certificates are our most common certificate accounts. Compare their unique features and benefits to see which one best meets your needs or view all certificate rates here.

Regular Certificate

Rate Bump Certificate

Smart Saver & Smart Saver Plus Certificate

Get flexibility, simplicity and security with our most traditional certificate.

Upgrade to a higher rate once during your term and earn even more. 

Open your certificate and continue to make deposits during your term to build up your savings. Plus, you can make saving even easier by setting up automatic, scheduled payments! 

Best if....

you want to choose from a wide range of terms.

you want an option to increase your rate during the term.

you want to add more during the term. With Smart Saver Plus, make deposits during the term and withdraw money with no penalty in December. 

Monthly Fee




Minimum Opening Deposit




Term Length Options

3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, 60 months

24 months

12 (Smart Saver Plus only)
18, 30 months (Smart Saver only)

Dividends Compounded




Looking for retirement options? Get more information about our IRA Certificates.

Want to see other savings account options? Compare certificates to other types of accounts.

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Is a Certificate Right for Me?

A certificate is a great place to put money you don't need to access for a while, especially if it's already sitting in a savings account with a lower rate. We offer a wide variety of flexible terms from 3 to 60 months, with longer terms generally having higher rates of return.

You'll also benefit from:

  • No monthly fees or maintenance charges.
    It's savings simplicity at its finest—no hidden fees, just reliable returns.
  • Low minimum balances starting at $250.
    From our low-minimum Smart Saver Certificates to our Jumbo Certificates, we've got options for all savers.
  • Rate boosts for Premium Rewards Checking members.
    Get a higher dividend rate plus rewards-packed checking with just a couple clicks.
  • Safety, security and NCUA insurance.
    Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the NCUA.

Want to see how much you could make with a certificate? Calculate your earnings or see how long it'll take you to reach your savings goals.

Can I Withdraw My Money Early?

Yes, but if you withdraw your funds before your certificate term has ended, you'll likely forfeit some dividend earnings.

  • If your certificate is 6 or fewer days old, withdrawing early will cost you seven days of dividends.
  • If your certificate has a term of 12 months or less, withdrawing early will cost you 90 days of dividends
  • If your certificate has a term longer than 12 months, withdrawing early will cost you 180 days of dividends.

Can Early Withdrawal Penalties Be Waived?

Early withdrawal penalties may be waived in certain circumstances, including:

  • To purchase a home with UW Credit Union
  • To manage medical or long-term care needs
  • To pay UW or Madison College tuition
  • To purchase an investment product through Wealth Management at UW Credit Union
  • To open a certificate secured installment loan
  • Closure by an estate due to the death of the member

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