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Simple, Modern Checking

Our Clear Account is a simple, paperless checking option for those who just want online banking that does what it’s supposed to—no hassles, just the essentials.

  • Waive your monthly fees. If you set up Direct Deposit, make one mobile deposit every four months*, or are under 18 years of age, we’ll waive monthly fees. Otherwise, pay a low $5 per month.
  • No overdrafts. Worried about dipping into money you don’t have? Don’t be—if there aren’t sufficient funds in the account, the transaction will be denied.
  • No ATM fees. Withdraw your money at over 5,000 ATMs nationwide through the Alliance One network.
  • No paper checks. Make payments the modern way with your free debit card’s contactless payment tech, your mobile wallet or the Web Pay feature in Web Branch.
  • No minimum balance. Keep as much or as little money in your account as you’d like without fear of fees. Our Clear Account provides a simple, paperless option for those who want a debit account without any extra hassle.

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Plus, every UW Credit Union checking account includes: 

Looking for an account with more benefits, discounts and rewards?

Check out our Rewards Checking accounts.


Exclusive Debit Cards

Get a free chip-enabled debit card with tap-to-pay technology and choose from a wide variety of exclusive card designs. 

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Show your pride every time you pay with the UW Credit Union Rainbow card.

Are you a student? Start with Clear!

Every UW Credit Union personal checking account is available for students, and a Clear Account is the perfect place to start. When you join, you become a member for life—no matter where it takes you after graduation!

Plus, you can upgrade to a Rewards Account with better benefits and more money-saving perks at any time with just a couple clicks or taps in Web Branch or our mobile app.


UWCU Clear Account Receives National Certification by Banking Advocates

Safe, Affordable & Convenient

The Clear Account has been honored as a Certified Safe Account by the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund. Its built-in safety features, low cost and high functionality promote inclusive and equitable banking for all.  >> Learn More

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