Loan Tips & Articles

Parents with son looking online at Private Student Loan options available at UWCU.

Paying for College with Student Loans

When savings and scholarships aren’t enough to fund your education, student loans are an option to consider.

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Tips for your first job out of college

Your First Job After College

How to navigate your journey into the career world

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A recent college grad figures out a plan for student loan repayment with the help of UW Credit Union

It's Payback Time

Set yourself up for student loan success with these 7 tips

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A student learns the top tips about their student loans

Student Loans 101

Have a stress-free student loan experience with our top tips.

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A student is aware of 5 common financial scams thanks to tips from UW Credit Union

5 Financial Scams that Target College Students

Be in the know about the latest scams and keep your money safe

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Young couple reviewing the benefits of consolidating debt with a personal loan via their laptop.

Consolidating Debt with a Personal Loan

Paying off credit cards with a low-rate personal loan is a popular debt consolidation strategy.

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Father and son working at computer to complete FAFSA application for Federal Student Aid.

4 Tips for Filling Out the FAFSA

The FAFSA is your ticket to federal student loans, plus many grants and scholarships. Fill it out each year with these tips by your side.

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Mother with young daughter measuring her growth - now is the time to start saving for their college education.

Paying for College with Savings and Investments

Building a college fund? Explore some potential homes for it.

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College student researching options to pay for college using scholarships.

Paying for College with Scholarships

It costs nothing to apply for a scholarship. Learn the basics and build your game plan. 

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