Credit Card Tips & Articles

Man and woman reviewing their finances together.

When Does Debt Consolidation Make Sense?

Explore a popular strategy for money management and decide if debt consolidation is right for you.

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A UW Credit Union member stays informed on their credit health in Web Branch

Understanding Your Credit Score

Get answers to credit FAQs. Plus, access your credit score and full credit report in Web Branch.

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Suitcase being packed for spring break

Choose Your Own Spring Break Adventure

With some advanced planning, you can make this your best spring break yet.

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woman shopping after understanding common credit score myths

Credit Myths: Busted, Part Two

Wade through misinformation and become an expert on your credit score.

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checking credit score improvement on phone using UW Credit Union app

Credit Myths: Busted, Part One

Don’t believe everything you hear about your credit score.

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A couple makes a purchase in a retail store with a buy now, pay later transaction.

Is Buy Now, Pay Later a Good Option?

Be mindful before choosing “Buy Now, Pay Later” at checkout.

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A woman goes over credit card statements as she works to build credit and a healthier relationship with her finances.

Getting Comfortable with Credit

Practical tips to help you establish a healthy relationship with credit and raise your score.

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A man maximizes his money with his UWCU mobile app and credit tools.

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Money

Keep more of your hard-earned cash with these tips to maximize your money.

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Making a contactless payment with a UW Credit Union credit card.

Chip and Contactless Payments: Quick and Secure Ways to Pay

Explore microchip and contactless payment technologies available with UW Credit Union debit and credit cards.

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