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About Phishing

UW Credit Union will never send an unsolicited email that requests you to "confirm" or "update" your password or account information.

What is "phishing"?

"Phishing" is the use of email and fraudulent Web sites to trick recipients into disclosing personal financial information, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, account names, passwords, and addresses.

How is phishing accomplished?

Phishing, or email fraud, is accomplished through the use of emails that "spoof" or mimic those of legitimate banks and credit unions. The emails attempt to mislead the recipient into "confirming" or submitting personal and/or financial information.

There are many ploys used to convince users to divulge their personal information. For example, the message may state a breach of security or a new operating system as a reason to "confirm" an account holder's personal information. Spoofed emails usually contains a link that takes the recipient to a spoofed Web site to capture their personal data.

Because it can be very difficult to identify these counterfeit emails, it is important to remember that UW Credit Union will never send an unsolicited email that requests you to "confirm" or "update" your password or account information.

Report phishing to UW Credit Union.

If you receive an email asking you to supply personal information related to your UW Credit Union accounts, consider the email a phishing "attack" and report it to UW Credit Union immediately.

  1. Forward a copy of the suspected phishing email to
  2. Call Us to report the incident.

Tips to avoid phishing attacks:

  • Ignore unsolicited email that asks you to submit your personal information.
  • Never use forms that are embedded in the body of an email (even if the form appears legitimate).
  • Never use links embedded in an email. Because phishing scams use deceptive links, it is safer to use bookmarks or type in the Web site address (URL) to reach the site that you want to visit.
  • Validate that you are connected to an encrypted web site; Https:// will appear at the beginning of the Web site address (URL).
  • Validate the authenticity of the SSL certificate; double-click the "lock" icon at the bottom of your browser to view the certificate.
  • Keep your Internet browser and operating system up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates. Check your browser
  • Use anti-virus software and ensure that it is updated regularly.

At UW Credit Union, protecting your private information is a top priority. For more information, please see our privacy policy.



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