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Carina Alt, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Carina Alt, CRPC®

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) conferred by College for Financial Planning

Wealth Advisor

"Don't let emotions override your investment decisions."

Experience & Background
Carina is an investment professional who has over 20 years of experience. Besides working as a financial consultant since 2002, she's also served as a personal banker and lender. As someone who's worked with hundreds of clients, Carina has developed a proactive approach when it comes to helping her clients pursue financial success. She specializes in creating lifetime income strategies and helping protect her clients with insurance and long-term care solutions. Carina is a graduate of Madison College.

Value-Driven Successes
One thing Carina has learned over the years is the important role trust plays in any client-advisor relationship. She's worked with some of her clients for more than ten years and has gotten to know their families along the way. In fact, when one of her clients was unexpectedly let go from her job, Carina helped her find a solution that allowed her to stay financially solvent during that difficult time.* Carina sees this as one of her many successful client interactions.

Frank Mularz, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Frank Mularz
Wealth Advisor, Milwaukee Area

"It gives me the most satisfaction to relieve people's financial stress."

Experience & Background
Frank is an investment professional who has worked in the industry since 1997. He realizes that investments can be complicated, so his mission is to have everyone leave with a clear picture of their financial goals and a plan to pursue them. With pensions becoming increasingly rare, Frank specializes in income distribution plans in early and post-retirement. He is a graduate of Western Carolina University in North Carolina with a degree in business and has lived in the Milwaukee area the past 12 years.

Value-Driven Successes
Frank thrives on finding solutions to complicated issues, helping clients gain clarity and confidence. Recently, a man visited him because a financial planner told him it was too late to build his retirement savings. That explanation wasn't acceptable to Frank who had a completely different outlook on the situation. He was able to develop a clearly defined path to pursue the man's goals, which Frank sees as one of his greatest successes.

Kyle Judd, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Kyle Judd
Wealth Advisor

"Finding an advisor who cares, listens and understands your goals is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Even better, pair that with a valued firm that has been there for you from the start.”

Experience & Background
Kyle is a graduate of UW-Milwaukee with a degree in finance. He has been helping clients pursue their financial goals at UW Credit Union for over 10 years. He has dedicated his career to helping his clients define, refine and pursue their financial goals. Kyle considers himself lucky to have found what he calls his dream job.

While not working, Kyle and his wife, Mae, keep their hands and hearts full with two little boys, Bear and Lincoln, and two labrador dogs, Scout and Jameson. A Madison native, Kyle and his family can often be found out and about, taking advantage of all that Madison has to offer, though they also enjoy travel, trying new foods and the great outdoors.

Value-Driven Successes
Often, the topic of financial planning and investing can feel overwhelming and confusing. Finding the right financial planning relationship with a qualified fiduciary advisor and firm is highly important. Kyle is someone who takes the time to truly understand and appreciate his clients’ specific values and beliefs, working with clients to simplify strategies that may often feel complex. It is important that his clients are well supported and never alone with tough financial decisions. Whether you are at the beginning of your financial journey, or in the midst; whether you feel overwhelmed, or well versed; whether you are looking out for future generations, beloved parents or grandparents, or global and environmental causes; Kyle has built his business to help you pursue your goals, and ultimately, work toward financial freedom. With a creative and collaborative strategy, it is Kyle's aim to help you retire confidently and stay confidently retired.

Jeremy Marshall, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Jeremy Marshall
Wealth Advisor

"The time to start investing is now. The power of time will never be greater than it is today."

Experience & Background
Jeremy's decision to become a financial consultant combined two of his passions—solving mathematical problems and serving people. Always good with numbers, Jeremy was inspired to get his degree in Economics from UW-Madison. He also spent years working at a local restaurant, dedicating himself to excellent customer service. These paths naturally led him to be a financial consultant where he specializes in retirement planning and social security strategies, especially with University and State employees. He has been in the industry since 2005.

Value-Driven Successes
One of Jeremy's favorite moments is when he can help someone determine when they can retire. He recently met with a client who was unsure if he'd even be able to do so. Jeremy calculated the client's pension projections, Social Security payouts and assets, and helped the client realize that retirement was in reach. It is a powerful moment to Jeremy when people discover they can work for personal fulfillment rather than necessity.

Aaron Lawry, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Aaron Lawry
Wealth Advisor

"We all have things we consider important in life. Our investment goals should be one of them."

Experience & Background
Aaron got into financial planning so he can help his clients make sense of investing by creating transparent, attainable financial goals. He believes that knowing your options are investing wisely can be the difference between leading a financially secure life or falling short. He specializes in creating solid financial plans that incorporate short-term goals, retirement needs and wealth transfer. Aaron has been in the industry since 2006 and is a graduate of UW-La Crosse.

Value-Driven Successes
One of the things that give him the greatest satisfaction is helping clients understand their options and seeing the positive effect he has on their lives. He recently met with clients who were unsure if they could retire. They had savings, retirement accounts and life insurance but didn't know how they would work in retirement. After meeting with Aaron, they had a clearly defined path to pursue both their short and long-term goals.

Kevin Hoeft, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Kevin Hoeft, CFP®
Wealth Advisor, Milwaukee Area

“My approach to being a financial consultant is helping people plan for their future with balance so they can live a full life in the present.”

Experience and Background
Kevin has been helping clients address their financial needs ever since he joined the UW Credit Union back in 2012. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, he takes great satisfaction in helping his clients work toward achieving their financial goals. Kevin has a gift for building strong professional relationships with his clients. He is a native of Waukesha and holds a degree in personal finance from UW-Madison.

Value-Driven Successes
Kevin is determined to help clients make educated decisions about their investments. Through seminars and during appointments, he shows his dedication and experience by helping clients truly understand the potential benefits of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and retirement accounts. Kevin is a well-rounded person with a passion for learning about other cultures, and has traveled in Croatia, France and other parts of the world. He also has other talents and interests, including swimming, playing the piano and learning ukulele.

Tim Schiefelbein, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Tim Schiefelbein, CFP®
Wealth Advisor

“I enjoy working with people to improve their financial well-being. Seeing results happen from having a good working relationship will never get old.”

Experience & Background
Tim began working in investment services in 2006 following several years of work in life, health, and disability insurance. He thrives in client-driven work environments where the expectation is to put clients' interests first. Tim enjoys working through the specifics of clients' plans to bring order to their financial world and put them on a path to work toward meeting their goals. He specializes in creating comprehensive financial plans** that include both short- and long-term savings, retirement and estate planning, as well as insurance solutions. Tim has been working at Wealth Management at UW Credit Union since November 2018 and holds a bachelor’s degree in personal finance from UW-Madison.

After a day of financial consulting, Tim goes home to his wife and three young boys. Together they go on walks or bike rides, visit parks, coach the boys at sports, or play games. During his free time, you can also find him diving into good books.

Value-Driven Successes
Tim knows that not all people have the same needs, so he always strives to help clients solidify their personal, specific goals. He then works with them to create a plan to work toward accomplishing their goals and helps implement it to the best of his abilities. Tim believes peoples’ financial well-being is a process that needs attention, effort and commitment. He teaches clients to be intentional with their finances and how their lives can be enriched through purposeful planning.

Justin Novara, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Justin Novara, CFP®
Wealth Advisor

“Remain connected with your financial consultant for ongoing support, monitoring and adjusting of your investment plan.”

Experience & Background
Justin has been in the financial industry since 2011. Prior to joining the Wealth Management team in 2014, he held the role of a Financial Specialist. Justin is a graduate of UW-Madison with a bachelor’s degree in Personal Finance. He has obtained the esteemed CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, and also carries his Series 7 and 66 securities registrations through LPL Financial, as well as his Life and Health Insurance licenses. Justin is married and a father to a beautiful little girl. In his free time beyond family, Justin enjoys watching all of Wisconsin’s sports, staying active through playing competitive volleyball, and has an obsession with fishing and the outdoors.

Value-Driven Successes
Justin got into the financial planning industry because he wanted to help people demystify their finances. He believes that personal finance is a misunderstood topic for many people, and yet it is one of the most influential factors that guide people’s everyday lives. Justin has a true passion for financial education and shares his wisdom through public seminars. Justin also specializes in helping members in all phases of their lives to work toward solving the complicated puzzle of financial and retirement planning. He thoroughly enjoys getting to know every member and their unique situations, providing them professional advice for their circumstances and building strong relationships for the long haul.

Ryan Boyd, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Ryan Boyd, CFP®
Wealth Advisor

"My consultative process starts with understanding your current state, developing goals for your future, and helping lead you down the path to making informed decisions to work toward getting you there."

Experience and Background
Born and raised in Milwaukee, Ryan attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned his bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Physics with a focus on Astronautics. Life events steered him towards a career in personal finance, and Ryan has been delivering value and helping people work toward their financial goals since 2012. Pairing his love for analytics and service, his career has revolved around holistic financial planning for individuals, families and businesses, specializing in retirement and income strategies. He carries his Series 7 and Series 66 FINRA securities registrations, currently held through LPL Financial, as well as his Life and Health Insurance licenses. Upon joining UW Credit Union in 2019, Ryan completed the requirements to obtain the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation to further improve his skillset and pay that knowledge forward in helping his community.

When not working, Ryan enjoys spending time outdoors with his family or competing with friends and colleagues in a multitude of intramural sports. He enjoys the variety that Wisconsin’s four seasons offer for outdoors fun! Ryan is an avid sports fan, loves his Packers/Badgers/Brewers/Bucks, and helps coach his son in sports. His next personal goal is to obtain his Personal Pilot License.

Value-Driven Successes
As the first in his family to graduate college, Ryan deeply values the importance of fiduciary responsibility and education for members. Whether he is helping clients master basic concepts, or conducting an in-depth retirement needs analysis, Ryan enjoys guiding people on their journey to work toward greater financial well-being. He can often be heard saying a solution should not only be understood, but feel good. Financial planning and investments can often feel overwhelming, and Ryan prides himself on the ability to simplify complex topics and make it make sense to his clients.

Katelyn Stanton, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Katelyn Stanton, CFP®

Financial Consultant

“It is never too early or too late to establish a relationship with a trusted financial professional.”

Experience & Background:
Born and raised in Madison, Katelyn has strong ties to the area, including obtaining a bachelor’s degree in personal finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Combining her devotion to the Madison area and her background in finance, it was a clear choice for Katelyn to lead a career at UW Credit Union. Katelyn started at UW Credit Union in 2015 and has been passionate about helping her local community better understand their finances and work toward meeting their financial goals. Throughout Katelyn’s career in financial services, she has consistently worked to improve her industry knowledge and skills. She studied for and achieved distinctive professional designations, including becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Other notable credentials include holding her Series 7 and 66 FINRA registrations, which are currently held with LPL Financial, and Life and Health Insurance licenses.

Outside of work, Katelyn and her family enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, which includes rooting for the Green Bay Packers, enjoying country music concerts, and spending as much time as possible outside in the summer. The one aspect of Wisconsin that Katelyn does not enjoy is the cold weather, so she takes advantage of the wintertime to vacation to warmer destinations.

Value-Driven Successes:
For Katelyn, the most meaningful aspect of her position is connecting with clients on a more personal level. Putting clients’ interests first is at the core of Katelyn’s practice and just one of the reasons she enjoys fulfilling, long-term relationships with those she serves. As a working mother, Katelyn understands how financial planning can fall by the wayside when other obligations in life seem more important. Being a financial planner, Katelyn knows the value of putting a financial plan in place, and does it through a warm, personalized experience for her clients. With so many aspects to financial planning, it is exciting for Katelyn to help bring everything together for her clients so that they can feel confident in their future and focus their time on what they enjoy.


Anthony Francois, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Tony Francois, CFP®

Financial Consultant

“A financial consultant is more than a money manager, look for someone with the heart of a teacher to be with you on every step of your journey.”

Experience & Background
From a young age, Tony always knew he wanted to work in the financial services industry. He was drawn to financial advising since he finds it rewarding to assist people with their financial goals and build strong relationships. Prior to joining the wealth managmeent team, Tony first started at UW Credit Union in 2017 as a financial specialist. He received his bachelor’s degree in business finance from UW Oshkosh. He also has a certification in Financial Planning from Boston University. He has obtained the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and carries his Series 7 and 66 securities registrations through LPL Financial, as well as his Life and Health Insurance licenses. Outside of work, Tony loves staying active through playing hockey and golf. He also enjoys watching Wisconsin sports, relaxing at a lakeside cabin in Minocqua, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Value-Driven Successes
Tony grew up in Madison, and therefore understands the community he serves deeply, which he believes helps him better understand the needs of his clients. Tony believes fostering a personal connection with each client is what makes someone a good advisor. Tony plans to build these relationships by being an active listener and using compassion to truly understand each client’s individual needs and goals.

Stephanie Bissell, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Stephanie Bissell, CFP®

Financial Consultant

“Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from planning for it.”

Experience & Background
A proud Badger through and through, Stephanie has committed her career to educating her community on different aspects of their financial lives. Having worked years at a local tax preparation office and at UW Credit Union, she understands the complicated nature of money management. Holistic financial planning allows her to build authentic relationships with clients to help guide them to make the best financial decisions for their unique situations while also considering tax implications. Stephanie earned her bachelor’s degree in personal finance from UW-Madison and holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. She carries the Series 7 and 66 securities registrations through LPL Financial and maintains Life and Health insurance licenses.

Stephanie’s favorite thing about growing up and living in Wisconsin is the seasons. She loves picnics in the spring, going to the beach in the summer, watching football in the fall, and baking cookies in the winter.

Value-Driven Success
Stephanie believes financial planning has a place in everyone’s journey; whether you’re just starting out or approaching retirement. To her, knowing where you are and being mindful about where you’re going is vital to pursuing any goal. Stephanie also understands that people have different levels of financial knowledge. She thinks people are never too young or too old to start learning about making better financial decisions or savings and investing. Partnering with a financial advisor means not having to go at it alone. Stephanie wants to be the helping hand that meets people where they are and guides them to where they want to go.

 Andrew Kroll, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Andrew Kroll

Client Services Associate

A graduate of UW-Stevens Point’s School of Business and Economics, Andrew combines a deep interest in investing with a sharp focus on customer service. Prior to becoming a sales assistant, he spent five years serving UW Credit Union members as a teller and a financial specialist. He began his career in Madison, then moved to the Milwaukee area, where he worked at multiple branches.

Andrew believes that honesty, trust and consistent communication are the foundation of strong relationships. Making life easier for clients, especially during challenging times, is one of his top priorities. When their needs are met and their goals are in sight, he knows he has succeeded.

Michelle Zebrowski, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Michelle Zebrowski

Client Services Associate

Michelle draws from her personal finance and customer service experience to assist each client. Before coming to UW Credit Union, she completed internships at Northwestern Mutual and Morgan Stanley and earned a bachelor’s degree in personal finance from UW-Madison. 

Careful listening, personalized service and lifelong learning are cornerstones of Michelle’s approach to her work. She strives to help clients develop the skills they need to make informed decisions about their finances, especially as they plan for retirement. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys traveling with her husband, spending time with her cats and cheering on the Badgers, Packers and Bucks.

Alexander Bruckel, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Alexander Bruckel

Client Services Associate

Born and raised in California, Alex moved to Wisconsin to attain his bachelor's degree at UW-Madison. After graduating, Alex worked in restaurant management but later transitioned to working as a financial specialist at UW Credit Union. As a sales assistant, Alex draws from both his customer experience background and financial knowledge to best serve his clients. He is passionate about assisting clients as they develop plans to pursue their vision for a healthy financial future. When not at work, you'll probably find Alex attending a Badger game or golfing at a local course.

Stephanie Hook, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Stephanie Hook

Wealth Management Operations Manager

"It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you and how many generations you keep it for."

Experience & Background
Stephanie has spent most of her career in high-volume financial transaction industries where the integrity of client financial data is of the utmost importance. Ensuring timely, accurate and transparent practices in how client financial data is managed and protected is core to sound operational processes. Dotting the Is and crossing the Ts are her bread and butter! Her inquisitive nature regarding the infinite variety of humanity led her to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from UW-Madison. While our business is financial planning, people are at the core of our mission and getting to know our clientele is deeply rewarding.

Value-Driven Success
Stephanie thrives in providing operational excellence for our clientele through consistency, effectiveness and cross-collaboration between assistants and financial consultants to provide the best experience possible. She looks at people, processes and systems to assess infrastructure needs to serve our clients and ultimately provide a more impactful and effective experience regardless of where a client is in their financial planning journey.


Teo Trandafir, Wealth Management at UW Credit Union.
Teo Trandafir

AVP of Wealth Management

“Work with an advisor that you can trust to put your best interest first.”

Experience & Background
Teo is responsible for the overall strategic direction and success of Wealth Management at UW Credit Union and provides leadership to the team. Teo has been an executive in the wealth management industry since 2000, developing extensive experience in investment program management and enhancing the client experience. Teo previously held the position of assistant vice president at Partners Retirement and Wealth Management in Burbank, California. Prior to joining Partners Retirement and Wealth Management in 2007, Teo held various management positions in the industry. In addition, he serves on the board for the Product & Research Organization for Credit Unions (PROCU), as well as the School of Human Ecology’s Personal Finance Advisory Board at UW-Madison. Teo has bachelor degrees from California State University San Bernardino and a master’s degree in finance from University of Redlands. He also attended the Euromed School of Management in France.

Value-Driven Successes
Teo’s passion for serving clients resides at the core of his management philosophy – providing the best service experience possible. In fact, he encourages and supports his team in their efforts to increase their knowledge of the industry in order to improve the client experience. Teo looks for ways to improve clients’ financial lives and works to foster this guiding principle in his staff.

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