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Operations roles are highly collaborative, cross-functional and involve the innate ability to multitask while staying goal focused. Job categories include research and analysis, process innovation and improvement, system maintenance, staff training and quality assurance.

Operations at UW Credit Union is separated into three major departments:

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Debit and Credit Card Services >
Fraud and Loss Prevention >

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VP of Card Programs & Loss Prevention, Carma Atkinson

Carma, VP of Card Programs & Loss Prevention, at our corporate headquarters in Madison.


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Get to Know Operations

Our operations departments deliver seamless, positive experiences at every member touchpoint—in our local branches, online and over the phone.

It’s like the behind-the-scenes “engine” that drives UW Credit Union, providing innovation and operational support for everything from deposits to credit and debit cards to our best-in-class mobile app.

And when it comes to protecting members’ hard-earned money through security and fraud prevention measures, the operations team has that base covered too.


Working in Operations

The operations group offers an energizing mix of work experiences, from day-to-day support and problem-solving to long-range project work resulting in creative new services and solutions.

Operations seeks motivated, curious individuals who enjoy learning, as well as taking a deep dive into the way things work and improving them. Our team is comprised of people who are passionate about making a difference and are willing to seek new possibilities in the work we do. 

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