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With a personal loan from UW Credit Union, your biggest plans — or unexpected expenses — get way more affordable. Take advantage of our limited-time rates before they expire on May 15, 2024!

Fast, Affordable & Flexible Personal Loans

Every year, thousands of our members use personal loans to:

Consolidate Debt

Turn your multiple high-interest debts into one lower interest loan.

Cover Unexpected Expenses

Life’s full of surprises — but dealing with them doesn’t have to break the bank.

Make Big Purchases

Put your credit card away. Our limited-time personal loan rates are lower than most credit cards.1

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Rates as Low as
APR * 36 mo.

Fast Application, Fast Approval

Go from start to finish in just a few minutes:


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Click Find Rate & Apply to get your personal loan rate. It’ll take less than a minute — and it won’t affect your credit score.


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Fill out and submit your application and get approved within one business day.2



You’ll get your full amount in a lump sum soon after you’re approved!

Frequently Asked Questions3

Should I choose a personal loan or a credit card?
Which is better: a line of credit or a personal loan?
Can I get a personal loan if my credit isn't great?
What are origination fees?
What is debt consolidation?
What are the benefits of debit consolidation?

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ITIN Lending - UWCU is proud to accept ITIN for personal loan applications.