Credit Union Savings Accounts Made Easy

Get ready to crush your financial goals and open a savings account online 

smiling expectant couple with credit union savings account

We want you to be financially happy and healthy — now and for years to come. And strong savings is a big part of that.

Luckily, opening an online savings account is almost as simple as when you used to drop money into your piggy bank.

What are you saving for?

There are so many good reasons to open a savings account; some people have multiple savings accounts for different goals.

Some common reasons for you to save include:

  • Life milestones: Be ready for the big moments in life, whether you’re getting married, buying your first home, growing your family or sending your teenager off to college.
  • Emergencies: Be prepared for unexpected expenses like car repairs, medical bills or job loss with an emergency fund.
  • Starting a business: Want to make that side hustle a full-time gig? It can really help if you have enough savings to cover your expenses during the period between quitting your job and making a profit in your new business venture.
  • Retirement: It’s never too early to save for retirement. The more you can save now, the more you’ll be able to enjoy when you’re ready to retire.

What are the benefits of opening an online savings account with UW Credit Union?

We believe in saving made easier. That’s why we offer a range of accounts and features to help you achieve financial well-being. Benefits include:

  • Fully insured: Your money is protected. Deposit accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.
  • Competitive dividend rates: You can enjoy a high rate of return on all savings accounts.
  • Friendly guidance: Our staff are available by phone, video chat or in a branch to answer your questions and help you reach your savings goals.
  • Anytime access: You can view your balances, transfer money, make mobile deposits and more with easy online and mobile banking.
  • Guaranteed returns and options: You’ll enjoy fixed rates that never decrease during the term, no matter what’s happening in the market.

How do I open an online savings account?

After you’ve explored the savings accounts available and know which one is right for you, you can open an account online with a few simple clicks and entering some personal information on our secure site. Your new account will be up and running within minutes.

Not in the mood to DIY? That’s okay! You have multiple options for opening a savings account:

  • Stop in to a branch and work with one of our friendly staff
  • Schedule an appointment for an in-person, phone or video meeting

Whatever your reasons for saving, UW Credit Union can help you work toward your goals. Open an account online today.

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