Misplaced Your Card?

Relax - temporarily lock your card in Web Branch or our App to instantly block new purchases.

Temporarily Lock Your Card

Losing your card can be stressful. Don’t panic – temporarily lock your card in Web Branch or our App. Rest assured that your account is safe while you take the time to locate your card. You can easily unlock your card at any time.

You can lock your card from the Manage Cards page in Web Branch and our App.

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Manage cards in UW Credit Union app

How to Lock Your Card

See the carousel below for more on how to lock your credit or debit card.

If you can't locate your card or believe it is stolen, please cancel your card. You can cancel a lost or stolen card in Web Branch or our App, or you can contact us.

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Manage Your Card On-the-Go

Wherever you are, you can quickly and securely access your card account from one convenient spot. The Manage Cards page lists all of your debit and credit cards, and lets you:

  • Temporarily Lock Card
  • Cancel Lost/Stolen Card
  • Replace Card
  • Change PIN
  • And More

Manage Cards


Why should I lock my card instead of canceling it?

A card should be locked if you believe it has been temporarily misplaced, as it can be unlocked immediately in Web Branch if found (data/wifi access required). A card should be canceled if it cannot be found or if your card has any unauthorized activity.

How quickly does the lock functionality take effect?

The card will be locked within seconds of completion.

Which of my transactions will be approved if my card is locked?

Some activity will continue, including pending transactions and recurring purchases, such as memberships or online subscriptions, for which you are still responsible.

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