Member Stories

Meet the Sybold family - happy UW Credit Union members.
Meet Jonathan Taylor, pro football player and UWCU member and read his story.

Teammates in Every Stage of Life

A former Badger running back finds his financial footing with UWCU

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Meet Oscar and read his UWCU Member Story.

Getting Financial Help in Spanish

Oscar and his family felt welcome and confident thanks to bilingual support.

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Meet Forrest, Juliet & family and read their UWCU member story.

Using Home Equity to Pay Off Debt

Forrest and Juliet lowered their interest rate and improved their credit scores.

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Meet Carl & Justin and read their UWCU Member Story

Distance Makes No Difference

Even while living thousands of miles away, technology makes Justin & Carl feel like they are just down the street.

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Protecting Finances from Scammers

Scammers target people everywhere. Luckily, UWCU is here to help.

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Meet Suzie and read her UWCU Member Story.

Building a Future

After years of debt, Suzie was ready to start over and build a future where she could be a homeowner.

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Meet Quincy and read his UWCU Member Story.

Improving Personal Credit

Like many college students, Quincy wasn’t sure how to manage his money. UWCU was there to help.   

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Meet Joe, Kate & Angie and read their UWCU Member Story.

Launching a Teen's Finances

A teen and her family found a debit account that helps her make smart choices and avoid overdrafts.

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Streamlining Financial Transitions

Great support led Abbey to switch all of her accounts to UW Credit Union.

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