Distance Makes No Difference

Even while living thousands of miles away, technology makes Justin & Carl feel like they are just down the street.

Meet Carl & Justin and read their UWCU Member Story

When I moved to the States in 2015 to work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I knew I needed to open a checking account quickly – I had an empty apartment and no furniture to put in it! But while I wanted to move quickly, I also wanted to make sure I chose the right organization to bank with.

One of my new colleagues pointed to the UW Credit Union branch right across the street from our office and told me I could get a debit card the same day. That was huge for me. And to be honest, the name also played a role in my decision to open an account; while I wasn’t exactly sure at the time how UW Credit Union was affiliated with the university, I liked the symbolic connection.

I went in and opened an account. And sure enough, I left with a debit card right then and there.

My partner, Carl, is also a UW Credit Union member. He joined while attending college in Milwaukee because there was a branch conveniently located on campus. (He also, as a broke college student, appreciated that you only need $5 in your savings account to be a member!)

UW Credit Union has been there for Carl and I throughout our relationship. We both have our own accounts and a joint account together. We have credit cards with UWCU and a couple student loans as well. No matter what we need, the staff is always kind and welcoming. Unlike a big, anonymous bank, UW Credit Union really speaks to Madison’s values and is dedicated to supporting the community, and it really shows.

We don’t live in Wisconsin anymore – we (and the beloved cats we adopted from the Dane County Humane Society) have since moved to three different countries. We currently live in Germany and still rely on UW Credit Union as our financial connection to the United States. Because of its impressive technology, it’s just as easy for us to use UW Credit Union here in Germany as it was when we were in Madison.

No matter what we need, or where we are in the world, UW Credit Union is there for us.

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