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20 Easy Ways to Save

Setting savings aside is good for your budget, and great for your sense of well-being, giving you that nice, warm feeling inside knowing you’re building a nest egg for the future. Whether you want to save for emergencies, retirement, education or that next big purchase, get started with these simple ideas.

  1. Turn off electronics when not in use to save on energy costs.
    Use a surge protector so you can turn the power completely off.
  2. Sell your unused belongings online or in a garage sale.
    Make a quick buck and clean out your house at the same time.
  3. Make cards and gifts instead of buying them.
    It’ll mean more to your family and friends, and save you money.
  4. Bring snacks and a water bottle.
    Avoid food and drink splurges when you’re out and about.
  5. Wait a week before buying.
    Curb your impulse purchases by testing if you really need/want it.
  6. Take advantage of free activities.
    Go to free parks, museums and fairs for fun outings.
  7. Consolidate high-interest balances.
    Roll your debts into one lower-rate loan or credit card.
  8. Eat more meals at home.
    Save on restaurant bills and go healthier by making your own food.
  9. Use the library.
    It’s a free resource for books, music, movies, internet access and more.
  10. Prep meals for the week.
    Plan ahead for dinners, leftovers and lunches to save time and money.
  11. Make laundry day cost effective.
    Wash in cold water when possible and hang clothes up to dry.
  12. Buy used clothes, furniture and more.
    Before you go new, try yard sales and consignment shops.
  13. Adjust the thermostat.
    Save on heating and cooling costs by changing just a few degrees.
  14. Find other outlets.
    If you want to unwind, try reading or exercise instead of shopping.
  15. Write down your goals.
    Document what you want to accomplish to make your plans official.
  16. Buy generic and in bulk.
    Save big on everyday items like cereal and laundry detergent.
  17. Choose to walk, bike or carpool.
    Avoid driving to cut down on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.
  18. Stay in with friends and family.
    Host a dinner or play board games for fun and frugal socializing.
  19. Go vegetarian once in a while.
    Save money and eat healthier by choosing meat-free meals.
  20. Cancel unused subscriptions.
    Evaluate where you can cut back, such as gym memberships or cable.

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