Credit Score

What’s in a number? In the case of your credit score, a lot—that measure of credit-worthiness can affect your ability to buy a car, find a place to live or even get a job.

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Get an instant snapshot of your creditworthiness and track your credit score’s progress over time.

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Get an automatic email alert if changes are made to your credit profile, including new inquiries, credit lines or public records.

Tips & Tools

Test financial scenarios, like getting a loan or cancelling your oldest credit card, to see how they may impact your score.

Video about credit score basics

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Chart outlining factors that affect one's credit score.

How to Improve & Access Your Score

The higher your score, the more likely you will get approved for loans and qualify for the best rates, so it’s vital to maintain a positive credit history.

Factors that help your score:

  • Paying bills on time (including credit cards, auto loan, mortgages, most utility bills and more)
  • Lower loan balances compared to the original loan amounts
  • Lower credit card account balances compared to your credit limit
  • A long history of responsibly maintained credit accounts

Get Your Full Credit Report

You can request one free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies every 12 months. Each agency could have different information, so you may want to stagger your requests from each agency during a 12-month period.

Factors that hurt your score:

  • Missing or late payments
  • Delinquent accounts
  • Adverse public records (bankruptcy, liens, etc.)
  • How much you owe compared to your available credit (the closer you are to your credit limits, the greater the negative impact)
  • Too much new credit — rapid opening of new accounts can lead to uncertainty about your ability to handle payments